Digital PR is a relatively new aspect in the vast space of digital marketing, and several enterprises are still struggling to fathom its place and impact in their communication strategies. As a simplistic method, it involves publishing engaging stories, articles, and editorials linked directly to the respective company website and generating traffic there. This gives the brand exposure to a qualified and interested audience that increases the possibility of conversion and builds brand awareness and visibility.

Why India Press Release?

The experts at India Press Release have worked with many large and small scale enterprises- from big multinational conglomerates to startups for private and public domains. We have helped them in comprehensive planning and execution of digital PR campaigns and deliver the optimum media exposure and viability they desire.

We are a dedicated corporate agency with extensive experience in campaign management of different sizes and industries- right from the beginning to the finishing stage, taking care of all the details. We aim to coordinate and work with you to map out a strategic plan that fulfils the campaign goals, adheres to the timelines, partnerships, and completes all deliverables. Our actions are followed by detailed reporting at each stage of the campaign.

Our experts are industry veterans with solid experience in various sectors like financial services, technology, property, hospitality, health, beauty, education, transport, tourism, and construction, to name just a few.

Digital Public Relations Drive Measurable Results

What Digital PR entails?

Digital PR, along with other tools, musters high quality backlinking from credible websites and publications, which helps your businesses reach the interested target audience and customers. By placing your stories on the right websites, podcasts etc. which your audience visit frequently, you improve your brand awareness significantly. Ultimately Digital PR helps the brand’s parent website and improves its search results and ranking. This can be further escalated to turning static information into interactive conversations and addressing the customers directly while contributing to the website ranking.

Digital Public Relations is a strategic arrangement of online publications, affiliate marketing, online press releases, press notes, moment marketing and social media. This also covers the opinion coverage of a brand’s spokesperson on breaking news and trends and leverages the topic’s virality to your advantage. Though an impactful PR tool, it’s still being overlooked by 75% of PR professions.

Why Work With Us?

Digital PR agencies use their connections and networks with journalists, influencers, and bloggers to shoot press releases for high-quality backlinks and social media mentions to improve SEO.

Our experts will effectively work with you to chart out a strategy that drives success to develop a syndicate of backlinks to give your story a competitive edge. Unlike other traditional agencies who start building connections after your request, India Press Release already has a tank of publications across multiple domains with whom we share long term relationships; hence we know when to share your story to generate the best possible response and maximum exposure. 

Consistent work over a store churns out qualified lead generation processes over time as it helps to boost website clicks. By leveraging advanced analytics tools, we can monitor the success rate of the strategy and make relevant modifications to optimise the impact. This activity ensures that your strategy is viable and that your brand hits the planned KPIs, and enables your stakeholders to understand which publications, content, posts and backlinks work for your case.


The End-Game Is Success!

Check out some standard services and specialisms we use to drive success for our clients:

  • Tactical content placements in relevant online media to create high-quality backlinks
  • Networking with journalists and editors to pitch your brand stories and pike interest
  • Collaborations with bloggers & influencers to enhance outreach
  • Carry out offline press events or blogger events to create online coverage
  • Extensive, multi-faceted and targeted online marketing campaigns
  • Developing, sharing and syndicating infographics on social media channels
  • Effective online reputation management
  • Developing/writing advertorials9
  • On-site and off-site content strategy and SEO activity
  • Keywords and topic research for content creation and placement
  • Keeping tabs on relevant and viral news/trends
  • And many more.

FAQ-Digital PR

  1. Is digital PR all content?

Yes. Digital PR is essentially all about the content because it’s how the internet functions. It involves applying the methodology of PR to the digital content space – developing exciting content with great news mileage and outreaching to bloggers and journalists to get links on relevant websites.

  1. How is digital PR different from SEO?

Different industry experts propose different definitions and explanations-

Digital PR. For some, digital PR is no different than public relations adapted to the digital spectrum. For example, instead of the giant billboards, leverage large visual ads on websites.

To others, digital PR is a comprehensive mixture of public relations tools, and activities focused on the digital world. For example, content for the web is written to rank on the search engines, while content written for traditional mediums have other motives.

Digital PR can also be used to enhance the digital footprint of a brand through social media, SEO, paid ads, guest posting, thought leadership and other means. In contrast, SEO is literally focused on increasing traffic and visibility on the website.

  1. Can we use other digital marketing strategies as well?

Yes. Essentially Digital PR works best with or as part of the comprehensive digital marketing mix. Digital PR often incorporates SEO expertise, deep social media knowledge, influencer outreach, creative content development and numerous other marketing activities.

  1. Does digital PR require coding?

Public Relations online or traditional is more of a discipline than an activity. It may use different types of activities and skills, from producing top-notch content to launching fully-fledged, SEO-friendly websites and actively monitoring and managing social media channels, also maintaining relationships with stakeholders at all levels. But rest assured that, whatever a digital PR campaign may involve, India Press Release can undertake these activities for you or train your in-house people to do it.

  1. How long does it take to start seeing results?

Digital PR activities work in conjunction with your SEO and other PR plans, so the timing of success depends upon a host of factors and details. Anything from a couple of weeks to a few months is considered normal for initial results to surface. Occasionally, search engines can also keep a website under consideration for a longer period of time.

  1. How is the price determined?

All businesses and brands are different and have different goals and needs. Hence the price is determined by a detailed discussion with clients to understand their aspirations and wants. The number of activities, tools, level of expertise, etc., are also considered to frame the price.