This is an important document, as it sets the stage and provides structure for your entire initiative, whether that is a product launch or an event. 

GOAL: In the simplest terms, what is our goal? For a simple example, let’s use a military analogy. Our goal is to simply “Win the War.” For you, here are some examples:

  • To be a market leader? Build brand awareness? To have the most people at your event? To get the most downloads? To get investors to pay attention?

This is one sentence. One over-arching goal.

OBJECTIVE: What do we need to do, to reach the goal? Defeat the Empire. For you, here are some examples:

  • Increase signups? Generate brand awareness? Get 300+ people to our event?

STRATEGY: How are we going to do it? What channels will we use? How about, take  them by Air, Land and Sea. For you, here are some examples:

  • Conduct a media tour? Host an event? Partner with Influencers?

TACTICS: What do we need to get it done? here  are some examples:

  • Social Media Campaign, a Blog (Content Creation), Press Release, contributed content, and so on…

CREATE A BACKWARDS TIMELINE: After you have your Plan in place, you’ll want to create a backwards timeline to help you stay on track for everything that needs to be done leading up to your big announcement/initiative/event.

You can make this as long or as short as you would like, but for a PR initiative, we recommend a minimum of 6 weeks.


Example Activity 

Week of 1/6 

–        Draft messaging 

–        Compile use cases (if needed) and data

–        Come up with an idea for contributed content or blog post

Week of 1/13

–        Finalize messaging; get executive approval

–        Draft press release

Week of 1/20

–        Build press list for target audience

–        Draft pitch

–        Start media relations (call/email press to pitch them on the news) and set up        interviews for week of 2/3

Week of 1/27

–     Continue media relations (call/email press to pitch them on the news) and set up interviews with executive or spokesperson for week of 2/3

Week of 2/3


–        Prepare briefing documents for reporter interviews

–        Staff briefings with reporters (or if it’s you, participate in the briefing!)

Week of 2/10

–        Queue up your press release on a newswire – Announcement week!

–        Monitoring for coverage; flagging, fact checking if needed

–        Post coverage on company website and share via social media


   What are you measuring against?

  • What will determine success for the business? For your CEO? For your customers?
  • For example “2-3 stories in the business press with key message pull-through”
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