There is no any restriction imposed on the type and kind of press releases that can be published on the site as long as they carry factually true, non-malicious content and is written in a format of a press release. For more detailed information please get familiar with our Terms of Service.

India-Press-Release Network experts help you create a PR Campaign for yourself. You do not need to look anywhere else, but simply help us understand your PR requirements.

Our (DIY) Do-It-Yourself philosophy helps you Create a Story, Distribute & Monitor your Press Release. For added push for your communication message, you can also Plan and Book for Media Interactions.

India-Press-Release expert content editors can help you refurbish your news story cost-effectively. Do submit your press release and simply check box Edit my Story under Add-on services tab. Our experts will share an estimated fee for you to accept, rewrite the story and send it to you for viewing with a quick turnaround time.

We made it as easy as possible, please fill in your details to create a login for yourself, use your login to Submit Your Press Release. The online press release submission format is made of only several fields for quick submission. We value your time!

India-Press-Release Network is backed by news desk from IST 7 AM to 11 PM. Our news desk editors review the content of the press release submitted.

All press release submissions are submitted under pending approval status. India-Press-Release news desk is operated by advanced content filtration and our most trusted human optimized, published, edited, and monitored, spam/scam/low quality PR content free checks. Inappropriate, irrelevant, offensive, provocating and unrelated content is not permissible for publishing.

You will receive an instant notification on your press release submission. Our news desk editors shall call you to verify or clarify any doubts within the story. Press Releases that haven’t been approved are put on hold, till resolved prior to distribution.

India-Press-Release Network generates reports at primary and secondary level. Within a few hours of the press release distribution, you’ll receive a primary report with a compilation of the press release coverage generated on your story. The secondary report is generated and sent within 3-4 working days.

However, it may kindly be noted that coverage generation is also determined by the news value of your story. India-Press-Release is an effective carrier of your press release to the media but does not guarantee you coverage in all mediums.

India-Press-Release network is one of India’s most-trustworthy news networks. We are striving on our 20+ years of media relations and access to newsrooms discussions. Our most advanced technology platform cuts across several mediums and delivers your story personally through the appropriately chosen subjects / industry beat journalists in your chosen markets. Statistics show a well-drafted press release is far more effective. Additionally, our expert Media Associates are engaged in telephonic conversations with media and news portals across India and the world.

There is no limitation in the number of submissions you can make. However, you are not allowed to re-submit the same press release. Each press release submitted by you must necessarily have a new appeal and a news story to tell.

India-Press-Release Network team of PR Professionals are helping Indian and International companies of all sizes and industry to partner in growth with visibility in Local, National or International markets. Depending on the need of your organisation, we may be able to draw up unique PR Strategies.

You can write to us on and our Media Associates will get in touch with you shortly for discussions.

Yes, 50 % of the advance amount collected would be refunded within 30 days in case the project is cancelled.

Since media buzz is a very volatile industry, PR Rates tend to change frequently. You would need to refer the earlier submitted plan as a benchmark on the estimate, but ask for a fresh quote.