Influence your customers with a strategic PR campaign. Includes a three-fold PR distribution strategy.

  1. Includes PR distribution via India’s leading news agencies.
  2. Includes PR distribution via email to target Indian media journalists.
  3. Includes verbatim PR distribution to over 500 Indian news websites, online portals, and blogs via Content Feeds
  • PR Assets: Up to 600 words, includes one logo, one image, 2 anchor text links, and social media links.
  • Campaign Duration: 7 working days


  • Delivers posting on news agency.
  • Delivers comprehensive outreach to both traditional media and online media.
  • Get a minimum of 5 quality editorial media pick-ups
  • 100+ Web Links to your Press Release via Content Feeds
  • Permanent Posting on
  • Lead time to distribute: Within 2-3 hours, Mon-Sat, Time zone, IST, 7 AM to 11 PM
  • Sample Report download here