In essence, social media platforms are interactive mediums that allow people and organisations to exchange options, content, latest events, etc., directly with each other in an interesting and gripping manner.

With over 3.8 billion users distributed across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, enterprises in every industry have identified the consumer drift and realised the value of social media as an integral part of their communication and marketing plans.

From sharing company updates & announcements, product & service promotions to interacting with all stakeholders, enterprises choose to leverage social media channels. India Press Release, with its experts, aims to support you through your social media journey. We will help you identify your actual target audience, plan an optimal social media strategy, develop social media and PR centric content and take care of distribution and placement. A consistent effort builds brand awareness and helps you create leads, brand awareness, thought leadership reputation, and more.

Why India Press Release

The India Press Release team has worked with both large-scale and small-scale enterprises. Our experts have successfully carried out long term social media brandings. We have addressed challenging brands and start-ups to some of the largest and most complex organisations across the private and public domains. We regularly advise and coordinate on how to communicate and engage with our client’s target audiences in the best-suited way.

We have deep knowledge of social media’s dynamic nature, and our experts constantly keep tabs on new developments for our clients to leverage. At the same time, we secure reliable and engaging communication that keeps the target hooked. We conduct constant assessment of the audience segments and sentiment, competitor analysis, content testing, and watch for the latest trend to help your brand cut through the clutter.

Our results-oriented team has successfully managed, advised, created social media strategy across technology, financial services, education, property, hospitality, beauty, transport, tourism, health and construction, to name just a few.

About Social Media Marketing

About Social Media PR

As a cost-effective yet highly impactful marketing platform, Social Media PR enables organisations to establish meaningful relations with the audience in real-time in a highly accessible manner.

Enterprises that don’t jump on the Social media PR wagon often find themselves at a disadvantage. It removes their critical marketing edge of distributed online presence, including brand awareness and customer engagement. Hence, organisations in public, private and other sectors need to welcome social media PR and optimise their communication and marketing plans.

For effective social media activity, it is crucial to develop focused, engaging and thought-provoking content. Communication timing is also crucial since the virality of content is at stake. Providing engaging anecdotes, news analysis, using infographics and better sign-posting reactive statements, social media proposes a new and diverse era of communicating stories.

India Press Release Methodology

Our team of social media PR consultants will help you map out a well-integrated social media strategy. The strategy will incorporate key messaging workshops, competitive analyses, content development and securing the target audience. 

India Press Release can create all necessary communications across various social media channels keeping in mind the tonality of each platform. We can also provide detailed training to clients’ in-house teams about using social media PR in the most effective way to generate brand awareness, new business leads and establish lasting relationships with their stakeholders.

As a professional social media PR agency, we will understand your goals and business strategy and develop a customised social media plan aligned with the larger purpose.

Most common social media PR services

An ideal social media PR strategy is one that is tailored to every organisation and industry. They must be ingrained in a deep understanding of the brand, its reputation and the tone of the industry.

Most common social media services we offer are:

  • Chart a social media plan
  • Develop social media content
  • Impart social media training
  • Devising customised social media strategies
  • Frequent audience analysis
  • Constant competitor analysis
  • Analysing data to access content engagement levels
  • Providing real-time reactive content
  • Designing engaging visuals
  • Managing targeted sponsored campaigns
  • Incorporating social media tactics with reputation management activities and crisis communications strategies

FAQ-Social Media

  • Why should you work with India Press Release?

We are a team of dedicated communications and social media consultants with rich experience in developing engaging and creative social media strategies with brands to raise their profile among key audiences.

  • How is pricing determined?

We communicate with our clients in many rounds to understand their exact needs and fix prices transparently, based on the time and the number of India Press Release team members required for the job. We suggest clients set aside a budget for sponsored social media content to amplify organic activity at the right time.

  • What is the relevance of social media?

Social media has become a necessity for any organisation that wants to remain relevant, competitive and visible in the digital age. Those who choose to skip social media often struggle to establish a brand presence.

  • What is the most impactful way to communicate with your target audience using social media?

India Press Release will help you build an in-depth understanding of your audience online and their preferences, performing messaging analysis to deliver content that will engage the desired targets.

  • How to effectively run a social media campaign?

India Press Release works with you to understand your goals and then develop a social media strategy that is well integrated with your marketing and PR activity to ensure that messaging is consistent across all communications channels.

  • What are some of the most influential social media channels for my brand?

India Press Release will work closely with you to determine the right social media channels and strategies that will enable you to reach your company goals effectively and in time.

  • What is the major difference between organic content and sponsored content?

The content you post every day that is shared directly with your followers without investing anything is organic content. On the other hand, sponsored content enabless you to share your content with a wider audience at a price. India Press Release will support you in aligning your target audience with broader business goals.

  • What is a sponsored social media campaign and how can it help my business?

Sponsored social media campaigns are paid for opportunities that allow organisations to reach specific audiences in order to build brand awareness and longer-term relationship leads.

  • How do you measure success?

India Press Release will work with you to establish your business goals and develop a series of KPIs based on this approach. India Press Release will also deliver monthly reports that analyse and assess key audiences’ followers, impressions, and engagement rates.