Aditi Mittal, Director at IndiaBonds and A. K. Group wins Times 40 Under 40 Award

MUMBAI, India, March 27, 2023 Aditi Mittal, Co-founder and Director at IndiaBonds and Director at A. K. Group won the most coveted Times Group’s 40 Under 40 2022-23 Award. The award recognized Aditi for her significant contribution to the Indian fixed-income market space over the last two decades and her role in shaping up the fintech future of the industry in the Online Bond Platform Provider (OBPP) segment. 

Aditi Mittal, Director at A. K. Group; and Director and Co-founder at IndiaBonds , said, “I am honored to be recognized by the Times Group. It is because of the diverse and committed set of team members, we have been able to participate in the deepening of the fixed-income industry. There is tremendous value potential that lies locked away in the Indian debt markets. The teams at IndiaBonds and A. K. Group are working towards extending this value potential to everyone across the country.”

Today, as a Co-founder of IndiaBonds, she is one of the few women in the Indian fintech debt market space to have established a leading bond investment platform for retail investors. It provides access to individual investors in the fixed-income market in a low-cost, transparent, and easy-to-use manner. 

She has been a pioneer in building, managing, and engaging teams at A. K. Group to achieve the vision of creating a liquid, transparent, and vibrant domestic corporate bond market. A. K. Group is one of the largest and dominant players in the Indian Debt Markets across all Fixed Income products.

About IndiaBonds:

Launched in 2021, IndiaBonds is a SEBI-registered leading Online Bond Platform Provider. It provides access to investors in the fixed-income market in a low-cost, transparent, and easy-to-use manner.

At the helm of this bondtech company are industry veterans – Vishal Goenka, Co-Founder; and Aditi Mittal, Co-Founder & Director. This core team is committed to pioneering the digital revolution in the corporate bond market in India. 

IndiaBonds provides a wholesome solution to bond investing to its customers across the nation; and enables them to unlock the value of the fixed-income asset class. The experienced team assists investors with access to a wide choice of bond investment opportunities that provide stability, generate predictable income, and meet their investment objectives. 

Within the Online Bond Platform Providers community, IndiaBonds is recognized as a revolutionizing fintech start-up owing to some of its ground-breaking innovations in the fixed-income industry.

In 2022, it announced the launch of its strategic tool, the Bond Yield Calculator, which aids investors by simplifying the complexities of calculating corporate bond prices and yield. 

In 2021, it launched a comprehensive Bond Directory for the general public to have detailed information on all INR-denominated bonds outstanding in India.