Ampere’s #TheNexBigThing traverses Across India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Creating History

Across 10000+ km – 115+ cities – 45 days – 4 records – 1 EV scooter

KANYAKUMARI, India , March 18, 2024 – The highly anticipated Ampere’s new electric scooter, coined ‘The Nex Big Thing’, has completed its epic journey from Kashmir to Kanyakumari (K2K), marking a triumphant milestone for Greaves Electric Mobility Private Limited (GEMPL), the e-mobility business of Greaves Cotton Limited. Covering a distance of over 10,000 kilometres, this remarkable feat showcases unmatched determination, resilience of Ampere, and the exceptional capabilities of electric mobility, establishing ‘The Nex Big Thing’ as the pioneer electric scooter to accomplish such a monumental journey. To honour this milestone, the Deputy Superintendent of Police of Kanyakumari, Mr P. Mahesh Kumar, and Inspector, Mr Napoleon joined the celebrations alongside the Ampere team.

Record Highlights:

1.  Longest electric scooter ride from Kashmir to Kanyakumari

2.  Touching 115 cities and towns in a single ride

3.  The first electric scooter capable of towing a pickup truck

4.  The biggest electric scooter brand logo on the white sands

The expedition commenced on January 16th, 2024, departing from Salal Dam in Reasi, Jammu and Kashmir to traverse more than 5100 km, surpassing the typical route of 3,396 km. Over 45 days, the electric scooter endured various terrains, weather fluctuations, and temperature changes. Exceeding all projections, ‘The Nex Big Thing’ successfully concluded its journey, covering a distance exceeding 10,000 km and setting numerous records.

Sanjay Behl, CEO, Greaves Electric Mobility said, “The journey represents more than just an expedition; it symbolises the resilience of the human spirit and the remarkable technological advancements. This is a testimony to our mission of making Har Gully Electric.”

The #K2K journey by Ampere has rewritten the landscape of electric mobility in India, setting four iconic records in a single expedition by India Book of Records.

1.  Record for the longest electric scooter ride from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, spanning over 10,000 kilometres, making it the first to achieve such a feat in a single journey. Ampere’s The Nex Big Thing was set out with the goal of celebrating the gullies of India.

2.  Record of touching 115 cities and towns in a single ride, soaking in the culture and heritage of India.

3.  The first electric scooter capable of towing a pickup truck weighing 1860 kg, along with an additional 140 kg of weight from two passengers for 2 kilometres.

4.  The biggest electric scooter brand logo on the white sands, measuring an impressive 179.8ft x 95.2 ft or 17100 sq. ft in total area covered.

Throughout its journey, ‘The Nex Big Thing’ embarked on a captivating adventure, encountering many of India’s illustrious educational institutions, state-of-the-art infrastructure, pioneering clean energy initiatives, and the burgeoning talents of tomorrow. From visiting Reasi, where the lithium reserves were recently discovered, to esteemed educational excellence centres across the country to the awe-inspiring Bhadla Solar Park, and from the majestic wind farms of Nagercoil to the transformative endeavours within underprivileged schools, each stop along the route added a distinct dimension to its rich tapestry of experiences.

Additionally, the scooter seamlessly integrated into local celebrations, partaking in the joyous festivities of a wedding in Udupi, delving into the ancient marvels of Dholavira, immersing itself in the vibrant ambience of Rannotsav, the confluence of cultures in Madurai, and marvelling at the breathtaking vistas of Murudeshwar and Maravanthe. Furthermore, it eagerly embraced the challenge of traversing the rugged terrain of the Thar Desert, hairpin bends of the Western Ghats, challenging inclines of Jammu while reaching the Chenab Rail Bridge, marshy sands of Kutch, facing gradients of up to 12 degrees and enduring extreme temperature fluctuations ranging from freezing cold to sweltering heat. Across varied landscapes like hills, sands, beaches, and backwaters, ‘The Nex Big Thing’ displayed its adaptability and resilience, establishing itself as a trailblazing icon of electric mobility.

‘The Nex Big Thing’ also actively engaged with dealers and customers nationwide, strategically stopping at Ampere dealerships spread across its vast network of approximately 400 locations. These engagements enabled direct interaction with valued partners and customers, offering a firsthand glimpse of the exceptional capabilities and features.

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About Greaves Electric Mobility Private Limited:

Greaves Electric Mobility Private Limited (GEMPL), the electric mobility business of Greaves Cotton Limited (GCL), is a leading player in Electric Vehicle (EV) technology in India. With comprehensive support from GCL’s EV ecosystem, GEMPL has been designing and manufacturing electric vehicles for over 13 years and has established a strong presence in the electric 2-wheeler and 3-wheeler segments. In the electric 2-wheeler segment, the ‘Ampere’ brand is a fast-growing e-scooter brand with a strong presence in both B2C and B2B segments. Furthermore, MLR Auto Limited and Bestway Agencies Private Limited, subsidiaries of Greaves Electric Mobility Private, are rapidly expanding businesses in the electric 3-wheeler segment. With a strong base of over 3 lakh satisfied customers, GEMPL is committed to creating an affordable and sustainable ecosystem that provides the country with uninterrupted, clean, and last-mile mobility solutions.