APL Apollo Launches Next-Gen Steel Building Solutions for the Construction Industry

APL Apollo Tubes Ltd., India’s largest producer of Structural Steel Tubes, launched their next-gen Steel Building Solutions today to ensure better & faster construction.

APL Apollo, along with India’s leading institute of structural engineering, IIT Roorkee, did a joint research to demonstrate that tubes are efficient structural steel components that could be used for high-rise buildings, factories, warehouses, data centers, medical facilities etc. They are used in large infrastructure projects such as airports and railway stations to make large-span roofing structures. It is an effective method of constructing substantial, durable & sustainable buildings. During the event held in Bangalore today, this new-age construction mechanism & solutions were presented to over 200 architects & consultants in the construction space for better adaptation and creating an overall impact.
Speaking about the launch and the impact APL Apollo aims to create in the overall construction sector, Mr Sanjay Gupta, Chairman & Managing Director, said, “Steel Building Solutions or Tubular construction is a game-changing technology that is bound to bring in a revolution in the construction space. The entire construction process ensures that the ecological balance is fairly maintained with zero air pollution and zero water wastage. It improves recyclability and is more time efficient and cost-effective than conventional construction processes.”
Addressing the benefits of using tubular construction & its growing demands, Mr Anubhav Gupta, Chief Strategy Officer, APL Apollo Tubes, said, “There will be a rise in demand for sustainable and environment-friendly construction, and the steel tubular construction has immense possibilities in meeting this forward-looking & conscious approach. Advancements in technology and material science are expected to improve the strength and durability of steel tubular structures while reducing their making time, overall weight and cost. The future of steel tubular construction looks promising, bringing in path-breaking innovations & a focused and continuous growth in the sector.”

With an extended distribution network of warehouses and branches across 29 cities, APL Apollo caters to both domestic & international market demands (comprising 20 countries worldwide) and has the highest number of SKUs. It is a forerunner in building and encouraging the wisest decisions for a better future.