Aureus Analytics unveils its third edition of Aureus Insights Yearbook 2023, a compendium of insights from insurance industry leaders

The annual yearbook, which features the best minds in Insurance Technology, is now available for download at Aureus Insights.

MUMBAI, India, March 2, 2023  Historically, data and innovation have been the backbone of every industry, and insurance is no exception. Technology advancements such as AI, Data Analytics, IoT, etc. enable innovation across the insurance value chain.

“A company’s ability to adapt to and overcome the challenges of change relies heavily on innovation. Insurance companies have undergone paradigm shifts and have had to adapt to survive and grow. The industry’s innovation journey does not stop with technology advancements, but also creating novel products, processes, systems, and processes, or improving existing ones,” says Ashish Tanna, COO and Co-Founder of Aureus Analytics.”

With much pleasure, Aureus Analytics announces the release of the third edition of Aureus Insights yearbook series. This series has achieved tremendous success over the past two years. Top minds in the insurance technology industry have contributed to this yearbook, offering invaluable insights. Additionally, the book highlights some interesting global case studies, and a glimpse into technology’s past trends and future prospects. The importance of innovation and technology in the insurance industry cannot be overstated. The insurance industry has increasingly relied on technology over the last decade, opening up new opportunities and providing access to data and insights that weren’t previously available. This yearbook edition sheds light on the culture of insurers who believe that customers and technology are at the heart of true innovation in the insurance industry.

Inspired from Willie Nelson’s quote, “The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese”; Anurag Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of Aureus Analytics states that, “Those who are proactive rather than reactive will excel in this digital age. Taking advantage of technology with open arms is essential to developing a data-driven innovation process in insurance”.

The insurance industry has traditionally struggled to gain traction and strength in terms of innovation, a trend that is cultural before it is technological. “The third edition, themed Data & Innovation, demonstrates how the journey towards extracting value from innovation in the insurance industry has only begun, reflecting a synergy between technology and the human element, along with the integration of processes that are enabling data to be utilized to its full potential and improving creativity as a whole,” says Prerana Suvarna, Marketing and Communications, Aureus Analytics.

About Aureus Analytics

Aureus Analytics is a customer intelligence and experience company that enables insurers to deliver superior customer experiences leading to higher customer retention, loyalty, and lifetime value. By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, actionable insights are delivered in natural language at the point of decision. Globally, the AI platform has processed over 65 million insurance policy data points for mid-sized and large insurers.