Auronum increases gold coin buyback rates as gold bullion demand surges amid high inflation.

The founder of Auronum confirmed “demand for gold coins has reached levels that we have not seen for some years, especially the smaller fractional gold coins such as British gold sovereigns. We have increased our buy-back rates to the highest they have ever been to attract sellers. The gold market is very tight at the moment”. 

The World Gold Council recently reported that central bank gold buying reached a record in Q4 last year, meaning the gold price is likely to continue higher. Shrewd investors are aware of this and are scrambling to get their hands on any physical gold bullion that they can which has led to a lot of pressure on bullion companies to pay sellers a higher rate in order to source enough stock.  

With the gold prices reaching record highs in many of the world’s main currencies, many gold investors are holding onto their bars and coins in the hope that prices keep increasing. With the central banks also buying in large volume, the availability of gold coins and bars is low compared to recent years. 

Auronum is offering market leading selling rates which is helping to keep their website well-stocked for savers looking to buy gold coins or bullion bars. The company is a leading supplier in bullion and very rare gold numismatic coins which are difficult to source. Auronum offers investors instant live prices to sell bullion and numismatic gold coins which are displayed on their website’s selling pages.