AV Modular Launches its First-ever LED Lighting Range, the A-Series

AV Modular India Pvt. Ltd., an electrical company with offices in Maharashtra & Tamil Nadu, is proud to announce the launch of its first-ever LED range, the A-Series, marking the company’s entry into the LED lighting sector. The new range is an exciting addition to the company’s existing product line of modular switches, frames, surface boxes, metal boxes, and side accessories.
The A-Series is intended to provide sustainable and energy-efficient lighting options for several locations, including residences, workplaces, hotels, and other commercial and industrial buildings. The range includes LED tubelights, LED panels, LED spotlights, LED streetlights, LED floodlights, LED outdoor lights, and more. Each of these products is made using cutting-edge technology and premium components.
“We have been spearheading the electrical sector since 2015, with our cost-effective and high-quality modular switches, frames, surface boxes, metal boxes, and side accessories. We have now launched the A-Series to dominate the LED lighting sector with premium-quality products that are easily accessible for all,” commented Ajay Jain, Managing Director, Growth at AV Modular.
Commenting on the launch, Aashish Jain, Managing Director, Operations & Marketing at AV Modular said, “We strongly believe that business is first and foremost about establishing trust and loyalty; scaling our product categories was the next step for us to accomplish those objectives. We chose to enter the LED lighting sector to establish relationships with new distributors, dealers, electricians, architects, and end consumers.”
The A-Series is designed to provide long-lasting performance and is backed by a comprehensive warranty. The products are also designed to be easy to install and maintain, ensuring that customers can enjoy hassle-free lighting solutions. Customers can get more information at www.avmodular.com

About AV Modular India Pvt. Ltd.

AV Modular India Pvt. Ltd. is an indigenous electrical company that was established in 2015 with a vision to make a positive difference in the lives of consumers. The company is known for providing cutting-edge, affordable, high-quality products, and the new LED range is no exception. Every element of the company’s corporate structure reflects its dedication to customer satisfaction and sustainable development.