Bikayi unveils its brand new identity BIK, platform now for mid-market and enterprise brands as well

  • With the new identity, the company, BIK, will be enabling D2C brands to grow exponentially
  • It is introduced to help brands increase their ROIs by leveraging WhatsApp

National, September 12, 2022: Bikayi, one of India’s largest and most trusted e-commerce enablers, today unveiled its new brand identity, BIK. The vision of the company is to make brands limitless and help them leverage the power of conversational marketing with BIK.


Today, businesses and e-commerce platforms are unable to effectively engage with customers through traditional channels such as SMS, emails and advertorials among others. With enhanced technological penetration, more consumers are looking at personalised messaging and curated products. There is a 70% higher probability of customers making purchases, leading to higher conversions when they are offered a personalised experience. To tap into this tremendous potential, BIK was built to help brands drive traffic and re-engage their customers. In alignment with Bikayi’s vision, BIK aims to help businesses and brands effectively reach out to intelligently segmented audiences and create trust among them with verified WhatsApp accounts and drive maximum ROI.


Catering to more discerning customers as the company moves upmarket, the look and feel of the brand logo has also evolved. Fast pivoting to conversational commerce, the aim is to create a new-age brand that is warm, friendly, energetic, innovative and knowledgeable yet professional.


Talking about the new brand identity, Ms Sonakshi Nathani, Co-Founder and CEO of BIK said, “Today, we are much more than a platform for e-commerce brands and as we continue to reinvent ourselves, we have expanded our product portfolio with BIK. Based on substantial insights from our users, we understood that merchants and brands require new marketing channels which reach out to prospective customers while retaining the current ones. The focus towards large e-commerce D2C brands using our marketing tool BIK was an organic choice and an ideal step towards strengthening our footprint.”


Adding to the same, Ashutosh Singla, Co-founder and CTO said, “With technological penetration and more customers looking out to engage in personalised offerings, the brands across the world are reinventing themselves to utilize assets at their disposal in the best way possible. The new brand identity, BIK, reflects these industry trends and has been curated with utmost care to help brands increase their ROIs.”


With BIK, the brands will be able to re-engage with lapsed customers and encourage them to complete their purchases. Building on the trust and credibility offered by the brands, BIK will help companies strike a stronger connect with buyers with each purchase, backed by personal touch. It can drive-up the engagement rate by 3x.


Following are some of the top features available through BIK: 


o     Smart cohorting based Broadcast campaigns

o     Template Builder

o     Multichannel CRM with Live interaction chat screen

o     Automated messages and transactional messages

o     Conversational Chatbot with flow builder

o     Complete purchase on WhatsApp

o     Conversational ads

o     Lead capturing and website chat widgets

o     Growth Strategy Manager services


With features such as smart cohorting based broadcast campaigns, brands can analyze how their customers interact with your campaigns and re-target them based on their intent with the right content. With conversational chatbot, brands can deploy improved product discovery and query resolution  for their customers on WhatsApp.


Some of the D2C brands on-boarded by BIK recently include Soxytoes, Evolve Snacks,  Bathla Aluminium and Deciwood.