Bitbns partners with QuantInsti to launch online education platform – Bitbns Academy

Aims to introduce 50 mn Indians to crypto investing by FY25

Bangalore 17th March 2022: Bitbns, the country’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, has partnered with QuantInsti to launch Bitbns Academy, an all-new dedicated online education platform that offers scholastic tutorials, resources and educational content on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.  

A comprehensive digital education platform, Bitbns Academy offers globally accredited certified courses that not just teaches the fundamentals of crypto but helps candidates to develop in-depth understanding of the subject. The coherent content has been carefully curated to serve users across the board, inclusive of beginners, enthusiasts as well as mature investors. The current program is offered under four distinct modules – ‘Introduction to Crypto’, ‘Risk Management’, ‘Margin Trading’ and ‘Technical Analysis. Each module entailing a series of chapters that has been specifically designed to enable the user to progress through the course in terms of his knowledge and understanding. 

To ensure seamless and quality learning experience, Bitbns has tied up with QuantInsti, a leading ed-tech platform that specialises in offering quantitative based learning courses since a decade. A pioneer Algorithmic Trading Research and Training Institute, QuantInsti conducts professional programs in the contemporary fields of Algorithmic and Quantitative Trading. 

Commenting on this development, Gaurav Dahake, Founder & CEO, Bitbns, said, “India has been one of the fastest growing markets of cryptocurrency trading. Besides a rapidly growing base of mature investors, our country is home to a massive chunk of young and tech-savvy population who are increasingly adopting crypto as an alternative asset class. However the technical nature and non-tangibility of the asset class has restricted its adoption among retail investors. Bitbns Academy offers a robust curriculum that has been tailored to decrypt several technical concepts while offering an in-depth understanding on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. It aims to strengthen the country’s digital economy through an educational revolution by building trust among new entrants and enabling mature investors to grow their portfolio through knowledge driven and informed decision making.”


Commenting on the development, Nitesh Khandelwal, CEO, QuantInsti, said, “In lines with our mission to up-skill investors and traders, we are excited to partner with Bitbns to empower crypto enthusiasts with the essential knowledge required to make smart trading decisions. Quantra learning management system (LMS) brings a unique combination of learning by doing and implementation using seamlessly integrated paper trading and backtesting platform, which allows learners to apply learned concepts in real-life trading experiences.” 

The course has been designed and curated in such a way that it highlights the best practices involved in crypto trading while offering a step by step guide in building in-depth understanding around the subject. The modules offered under the program encompasses infographics, articles, tutorial videos and other content that suits the needs of users at all levels. 

Catering to beginners’, crypto enthusiasts and seasoned traders the modules will have three different states – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Starting from as basic as Understanding crypto to learning complex Python APKs the courses would serve as a complete go to guide for crypto investment. 

The academy is open to all the users on Bitbns platform who can seamlessly avail the certified courses for free. Additionally Bitbns Academy aims to add new certification courses and more resourceful content under the program in the future. To ensure optimum outreach the courses have been provided for free post a simple registration with Bitbns platform. 

Bitbns is known for providing unique offerings and safest way to carry crypto transactions and bringing exclusive benefits to its customers, as it constantly endeavors to improve the overall user experience. With this feature, Bitbns aims to create more and more informed crypto investors beyond the urban areas.

About Bitbns

Bitbns is India’s most versatile exchange. With over 4 million users, it is today a one-stop shop for a diverse suite of crypto-based products and services. With varied products such as Bitdroplet, SIP in bitcoin, FIP which is fixed deposit for crypto, the exchange caters to a wide variety of audiences inclusive of traders and long-term mature investors among others. The exchange also offers advanced trading capabilities like margin trading which can be leveraged by sophisticated traders and automated trading options through API for users. Bitbns has Bitbns Quick Swap which offers over 400 cryptocurrencies which can be traded – the highest in India. Founded in 2017, Bitbns is the fastest and easiest way to buy & sell Bitcoin (BTC) at lowest trading fee.