BLK-Max Hospital, New Delhi launches their first ‘Patient Assistance Centre’ in Rohtak

Rohtak, April 2022: With decades of excellence in providing quality healthcare services across North India, BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi, today announced the launch of its first ‘Patient Assistance Centre’ in Rohtak. Located in the heart of the city at Medical Mor, this state-of-the-art patient assistance centre will cater to the primary healthcare needs of residents of Rohtak, providing them access to leading medical experts in the comfort of their neighbourhood. Offering quality healthcare services along with cutting-edge technology, BLK-Max Hospital, is already a chosen tertiary care facility for patients from this region.

A grand inauguration of the new centre was successfully done with the lamp lighting ceremony in the presence of Dr. Mradul Kaushik – Sr. Director ,Operations & Planning, Dr Ajay Kumar – Chairman, Gastroenterology & Hepatology- Pan Max & HOD – BLK-Max Institute for Digestive & Liver Diseases, Dr Surender Dabas – Sr. Director & HOD, Surgical Oncology & Robotic Surgery, Dr Bhushan Nariani – Sr. Director, Joint Diseases & Joint Replacements, Dr. Sanjay Mehta – Unit Head & Sr. Vice President, BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital along with various patients who were treated at BLK-Max Hospital.

Sharing his views at the launch ceremony, Dr. Mradul Kaushik said, “At BLK-Max Hospital, it is our continuous endeavour to educate the masses about the importance of early screening and detection in any disease. Various ailments related to stomach, liver, pancreas and joint pains should not be neglected and their early screening is very important for good clinical outcomes.  Delayed diagnosis often owing to unavailability of tertiary and quaternary specialities in their neighbourhood often leads to prolonged treatment due to several complications.  We understand that such diseases impacts not only the patient but is a heavy emotional and financial burden upon their caregivers too. With the launch of this Centre, we aim to provide a holistic and supportive environment for patients who need guidance of our super specialists whether it is during their initial diagnosis or follow-up treatment without the pain of travelling.”

Speaking at the launch Dr. Ajay Kumar said, “Prevalence of liver disease, pancreas, gastrointestinal is increasing at an alarming rate. Most of these diseases are preventable and treatable if diagnosed in the early stages. Large number of Liver diseases may have asymptomatic presentation. Liver is an important part of body performing many functions.  Damage to liver can cause multiple problems in patients including jaundice, ascites, blood clotting, coma, liver cancer etc. Liver damage can occur in individuals due to alcoholism, Hepatitis viruses and fatty liver. Anyone who is exposed to risk factors such as poor sanitation, lack of safe water, indiscrete blood transfusion, unsterilised tattooing, IV drug abuses are more prone to develop liver diseases. The diagnosis of early stage liver disease and treatment with correct strategies is pivotal to treat it successfully if irreversible liver damage has not yet occurred. This Centre will provide access to expert opinion at the earlier stages of any disease to prevent and treat it timely”.

Cancer is also growing disease burden in India and worldwide. Presently, there are more than a million cancer cases in India and 25.3 lakh new cases of cancer are estimated to occur by 2025. For cancer patients, determination and the will to fight is half the battle won.

“As we all know cancer patients are increasing rampantly. But the good news is treatment modalities and technology are also improving day-by-day. Robotic surgery is an addition to the spectrum of highly advanced surgical techniques that surgeons use for minimally invasive surgery. Newly advanced robotic surgery has provided an innovative approach in the treatment of cancer. Providing with a 3-dimensional view, robotic-assisted console helps the surgeon to operate in closed, narrow spaces where it may be difficult to perform laparoscopic surgery. It also provides ease in surgical suturing which helps in reconstruction. For the patients, there is less blood loss, less pain and lower requirement for analgesics. And we have deviced a technology recently where we can perform scarless head and neck cancer surgeries, which is not only good for cosmetic outcomes but provides numerous benefits in functional outcomes as well,” explained Dr. Surender Dabas, who is a pioneer in Robotic Surgery in India and has performed more than 15,000 cancer surgeries.

Old age related diseases, obesity, previous traumatic joint injury/overuse of joints and joint deformity are some of the causes that lead a person to consider getting a Total Knee Replacement (TKR). The surgical treatment becomes an option in severe cases and when other medical treatment fails to improve the condition of the patient.

“Orthopedic problems are common among all age groups these days. Joint pain, swelling and other complications are usually neglected by the patients but these need special care and treatment. During our OPDs, we aim to detect such joint-related problems so that they can be treated at an early stage and full treatment can be carried out in a timely manner.  But those patients with advanced disease have been made aware of transplant options. Our OPD has mechanisms to diagnose all types of joint diseases commonly existing in people.  We have been treating people in our hospital through computer assisted navigation technique which provides the accuracy in the joint replacements and they are able to walk on their feet with assistance within 24 hours of their surgeries. Having conducted numerous such surgeries, I can only say that it is a joy for us to watch these patients get back to their daily activities without any issues. I would encourage all knee patients who require surgery to get the procedure done for a better quality of life,” informed Dr. Bhushan Nariani, who has the experience of performing more than 15,000 joint replacement surgeries.