Boiler Room X Ballantine’s Glassware True Music Studios Heads to India, With Local Icons Prabh Deep and Karan Kanchan


•  Broadcasting local sounds and ideas from around the world.

•  Moving music culture forward together.

Ballantine’s Glassware and long-term partner Boiler Room continue their pledge to create a safer and more inclusive music culture through their global event series Boiler Room x Ballantine’s Glassware True Music Studios. The platform is set to make its debut in India, landing in Gurgaon/Delhi NCR (28th – 29th September) and Mumbai (3rd October – 6th October) for a series of shows highlighting local artists at the forefront of the Indian music scene, in collaboration with iconic musicians Prabh Deep and Karan Kanchan.

Boiler Room x Ballantine’s Glassware True Music Studios champions diversity and inclusivity in music through a series of events that bring together communities to showcase and celebrate local sounds, scenes, and cultures. Ballantine’s Glassware True Music Studios arrived in India earlier this year, with an aim to recognize young artists across trending music genres, empower them to find their voice in the music industry through mentorship and workshops, and give them a platform to unleash their true potential. Further to its groundbreaking initiatives, the platform, in collaboration with Boiler Room, is set to celebrate the next wave of seminal talent emerging in India.

Delhi NCR (Gurgaon) – 28th – 29th September

True Music Studios will be landing in Delhi NCR (Gurgaon) for India’s first Boiler Room x Ballantine’s Glassware True Music Studios, in collaboration with Prabh Deep. Hailing from the capital, Prabh is an MC gifted with a unique voice that contains traces of the traditional Punjabi folk singers at the forefront of Delhi NCR’s (Gurgaon) hip-hop scene. Over the course of two days, True Music Studios will showcase a run of events focused on the local sounds and scenes including:

‘In Conversation With..’ – Hosted by Mae Mariyam Thomas, the in-depth conversation will connect audiences with Delhi NCR’s (Gurgaon) key players including collaborator Prabh Deep, and rap icon KR$NA.

‘Party Broadcast’ – Curated by our collaborator Prabh Deep, the party broadcast showcases the full spectrum of Indian club music, from cutting edge street chronicles of Prabh Deep, groundbreaking Indian bass music of Nucleya, dubplate specials of BFR Sound System and hotly tipped newcomers Reble, Nash and Sijya.

Mumbai – 3rd – 6th October

Following the events in Gurgaon (Delhi NCR), Boiler Room x Ballantine’s Glassware True Music Studios will be heading to Mumbai with Karan Kanchan, a trap and bass music producer heavily inspired by Japanese classical music. Through his work with seminal Mumbai rap collective Gully Gang, and his own Neckwreck Crew events, Kanchan has established his place as one of the most in-demand producers in the Indian scene. Across four days, True Music Studios will showcase a series of events including:

‘In Conversation With..’– Hosted by Mae Mariyam Thomas joining us again in Mumbai for an in-depth conversation which will connect audiences with some of the artists at the forefront of Mumbai’s music industry including collaborator Karan Kanchan, pop maestro Ritviz, and singer-songwriter Ankur Tiwari.

‘Party Broadcast’ – Curated by our collaborator Karan Kanchan, the party broadcast will bring together the cutting-edge artists at the heart of Mumbai’s music scene for a high energy show including Karan Kanchan & Friends, Seedhe Maut, Kayan, Swadesi, BamBoy, Insowmya, and OG Shez.

Community Party – Teaming up with Krunk, India’s longest-running events agency and a central pillar of Mumbai nightlife, the Community Party will showcase a collection of Mumbai’s stars of tomorrow including Kiss Nuka, Alo Wala, Dreamstates, Rasa, Rafiki, Benkii, Chrms, OX7GEN and Noni-Mouse.

Tom Elton, Head of Culture and Partnerships at Ballantine’s says, “Now nine years into our partnership with Boiler Room, we’re committed to continuing our journey through True Music Studios, a platform designed to move local music culture forward. Our motto ‘a friend to all humankind’ has been on the crest of every bottle for over 100 years; True Music’s home has, and always will be, the metaphorical dancefloor – and we’re striving to make sure that is place where everyone feels part of the experience.”

Kartik Mohindra, Chief Marketing Officer, Pernod Ricard India said, “I am thrilled to announce that Ballantine’s Glassware True Music Studios’ groundbreaking partnership with Boiler Room is finally making its debut in India. This collaboration furthers our commitment to push boundaries, celebrate the power of self-expression through music and inspire the youth to stay true to themselves. Together with Boiler Room, we aim to create unforgettable moments that resonate with the vibrant spirit of India, where tradition meets innovation. We can’t wait to share this unique experience with the Indian audience.”

Ballantine’s has been a long-time champion of underrepresented music communities, celebrating local talent through its True Music platform and partnership with Boiler Room. Over the last nine years, we have supported over 800 artists, across 100+ events, in 20+ countries.

About Ballantine’s Glassware True Music Studios

Ballantine’s Glassware aims to shine a light on issues of diversity and inclusion in music, and to promote meaningful lasting change through its commitments across the following:

a.  Communities – We believe in the power of education and action to inspire positive change. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring that our programming at every event addresses at least one local DE&I issue by hosting educational events at every studio to upskill and inform the communities we show up in and using our experience, network, and resources to support initiatives that are focused making music culture more inclusive.

b.  Artists – Our line ups will continue to represent the entire spectrum of genders, sexualities, cultural backgrounds that make up music culture – people worthy of celebration, participation, and representation. Every artist deserves fair pay for their hard work and talent, and all artists featured on True Music will be paid fairly, eliminating any pay disparities to promote equity in the music industry.

c.  Fans – Music should be accessible and inclusive for everyone, without any barriers or exclusions. That’s why all our events will continue to be free for all to attend or watch online, and we will work with experts to ensure that our events are inclusive and accessible for diverse needs.

About Boiler Room

Boiler Room is an independent music platform and cultural curator, connecting club culture to the wider world, on-screen and IRL through parties, film and video.

Boiler Room started with a webcam taped to a wall, opening a keyhole into London’s underground. Since 2010, we’ve built a unique archive spanning over 8000 performances by more than 5000 artists across 200 cities, reaching more than 283+ million per month. Today, we remain true to that history. We support emerging artists. We tell stories from the fringes. We connect local dance floors to the wider world.