CareerGuide.Com Accelerates Career Answers Online

Mumbai: Over 50% of India’s current population belongs to the younger age bracket with an expected average age to touch 29 yrs by 2020.  An increasingly vibrant Young India is continuous need of information and guidance to make education & career choices.

Speaking on the occasion, said, Ms. Surabhi Dewra, CEO,, “With numerous thoughts wandering across the minds of the youth pertaining to education, career, growth, making of the right choice, education expenses etc, the child and their parents are often perplexed. becomes the most preferred choice to discuss their personal and professional concerns. With our unique customer-friendly technology platform, students & parents reach out to our distinguished career experts matching up from their industry and ask questions directly. Our platform can support question related to more than 500 career topics simultaneously.” is an easy to use tool, facilitating students to ask their career questions like –  How to be an IAS officer,  How to take up admission into a particular course,  What are right career pathways,  What courses suits them best, etc.

Here’s how it works – Imagine you have a question regarding web design careers. You’d log on CareerGuide.Com and select the category of design. It then would connect you to a right matching available career expert.  And you can start talking about your questions.  Once the call is over you can hear your recordings and rate the career experts via a five star rating system. Whether students are sitting in a small town or in a city they can have answers to their questions and access to advices and guidance sitting at home through the portal.

Some of the benefits for students by using CareerGuide.Com are:

  • Ask and read answers by career experts
  • Talk to career experts – discuss their career planning over phone.  
  • Take psychometric career assessments to match careers/courses on basis of interests & aptitude
  • Personalized profile to keep track of career planning and career progression

CareerGuide.Com also hosts scientifically designed Psychometric career assessment and reports which helps in identifying strengths and natural inclination with respect to career.  The career report helps in short listing careers which will best suit you.

These Psychometric Career Assessment works in standardized environment to match a student’s attribute to right skill sets. It is designed with complex set of algorithms and data processing environment which help in generating real time report based on each identical user response sets.