Cashbackduniya – India’s Highest Cashback Paying App & Website


India, 11 Jan 2023:Consumers search for the best value out of every rupee spent on buying any product and their quest has been made easier by the fastest growing online marketing company Cashbackduniya Private Limited providing cashback to online shoppers 24X7 throughout the year when buying through its website. is a part of Cashbackduniya Private Limited, which is a technology and marketing company specializing in cashback, coupons and loyalty programs. The company has emerged as the best cashback site in terms of growth rate, highest and fastest paying for the consumer in wide range of merchandise, flight tickets, groceries, gifts etc. It has registered a spectacular success in both B2B and B2C space.  

The mission statement of captures the imagination of consumers to explore the company’s offerings from its reputed partners to get the product of their choice at best prices with cashback. It is re-emphasising, Peter Drucker’s immortal words that “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself. The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.”  

The Cashbackduniya being a technology driven company believes in presenting curated offers to their members though their apps and website by employing Search Engine Optimisation (SEOs) thus helping the customers to select best amongst the bewildering array of options and propositions in the digital marketing era. The Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ensures 24×7 brand exposure to the target audience besides continuously making them aware about all the deals instantly alerting through App notification, Telegram, WhatsApp, Email. The icing on the cake is is totally Ad-Free. 

Visitors to the company’s website finds are prompted by simple dropdown like today’s offers and deals. Consumers get a sense of wow on discovering the wide range of choices in the company’s easy to navigate and comprehend the offers from its website and other promotional communications to maximise their benefits in the purchases through them. The attractively designed website is certainly amongst the best in the business as reaffirmed by many consumers. The company sticks to the philosophy of customer first by transparently displaying and explaining all the available deals of a store in one place, making it easier for him to compare the all aspects and optimise benefits. 

The confidence, trust and credibility of the company gets added boost by its associations with over 200 of India’s reputed and leading ecommerce players, like Ajio, Myntra, Flipkart, ITC food, Boat, Swiggy, Domino’s and thousands of merchants to help consumers earn cashback on their purchases. 

The company’s philosophy of getting best value for consumers saw it in ensuring cashback of rupees one crore plus in the year 2021 which was a difficult year for businesses recovering in the aftermath of global pandemic. 

The Cashbackduniya’s promise and performance to make online shopping Cost-Effective and pleasurable Experience for consumer has accelerated its acceptance across multiple consumer space such as

⮚ 50 lakhs Ecommerce sales in just 1 week

⮚ 25,000+ Niyox Digital Banking account opening within 3 months.

⮚ 3000+ Paytm Money Demat account opening within 2 months.

⮚ 10,000+ Giottus crypto KYC within 2 months.

⮚ 4000+ Axis Flipkart Credit card within 1 month 

The rich and diversified accomplishments of have been possible due to their relentless employment of technology, attention to factors like transparent communication, identifying consumer pain points, offering more options for convenience and the faster process of transactions for cashback due to its adoption of flexible business model 

Cashbackduniya founders

The business model of any company is the raison d’etre of its existence. The business model spells the growth and survival strategy of any company. The company’s business model   has been designed around B2B space and a B2C arena adopted by leading retailers across the globe. The aligning of the business around proven strategies highlights that founding team would like to strengthen their core purpose of helping the customer as enunciated in the mission statement of the company.

The B2B model strategically works to set up branded cashback and coupons for newspapers, corporates, and large transactional websites that are looking to offer another incentive to their customers. This strategy allows us to inorganically achieve a large market reach without incurring the massive customer acquisition costs.

On the B2C side company runs cashback and coupon sites like Cashbackduniya in order to grow their focus on smart guerrilla marketing strategies and SEO.

The glimpse of strategic intent of the founders of the company – Sourav Saha, Abhijit Sarkar, Prabir Kr. Mondal, and Moinul Hasan Mondal, is visible in the series of initiatives taken by them with long term focus to transform their company into numero uno in the field of cashback, discounts and loyalty programs.

Cashbackduniya Pvt Ltd.’s powerful team of young, energetic, and talented individuals, have ignited the competition, merchants, and the public with out of box thinking by becoming preferred website for survey, selection, and purchase of merchandise in the online business.