CENTA Launches Global Earnings Platform, MyCENTA Grow For Teachers


This Teachers’ Day, CENTA – India’s largest professional platform for teachers – launches MyCENTA Grow for teachers to earn regular additional income through projects from across the globe


National, 2nd September, 2022: This Teachers’ Day, Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA) Private Limited, which runs MyCENTA, a community of over 7.5 lakh teachers announced the launch of its all-new global earning platform, MyCENTA Grow for teachers to access additional earning opportunities through worldwide projects.


Teachers who meet selection criteria will teach part-time and online on behalf of edtechs and schools, not only from within India but also internationally. The first set of assignments also includes creating content, creating assessments and training other teachers. Participating in the growing gig economy, teachers can earn significant supplemental income from the comfort of their homes. 


CENTA has already tested this concept. For example, Ms. Shalini*, CENTA-certified Physics teacher, was pleasantly surprised when she got a call to run a series of ‘doubt-clearing sessions’ for students of an IIT JEE coaching class. Ms. Anjali*, a CENTA-certified English teacher, earns Rs. 5000 for each 2-hour online workshop that she conducts on behalf of a reputed global publisher. Mr. Suresh* found that his one-hour Expert Masterclass on MyCENTA gave him an income of Rs. 15,000. 


CENTA®’s certification of teachers is widely accepted by schools, edtechs and even governments for teacher recruitment, promotion, performance appraisal and rewards. CENTA® also supports teacher learning in a range of ways, from daily 5-minute capsules and quizzes to full university-linked postgraduate certificate programmes – MyCENTA has seen 2.5 million learning engagements from teachers in the last 12 months alone. Teacher training and other products by industry leaders get accredited by CENTA®, a registered Certification Trademark, based on their quality and participation in the MyCENTA training marketplace. 


Speaking of the new earnings platform, CENTA Founder and CEO Ramya Venkataraman said, “Several edtechs, schools, publishers and other entities require high-quality teachers on a project- or part-time basis. We want teachers to benefit from this rapidly growing set of opportunities. Through MyCENTA Grow, we hope to add 40 to 50% to a teacher’s monthly income and give teachers a range of experiences, which will bring further richness to their teaching”.


“CENTA® will supply great Indian teachers to the world. This is our way of saying ‘thank you’ this Teachers’ Day”, she added. 


Teachers can apply on m.centa.org to get selected for the supplemental earnings platform. 


About CENTA®:

CENTA® is a teacher certification company catering to the entire professional life-cycle of the teacher – certification, career growth, professional development, and recruitment. CENTA® currently serves a rapidly growing community of 7,50,000 teachers, 12,000 school leaders and promoters from 6500+ locations across India and 5 other countries. CENTA® has been widely recognized nationally and internationally by various eminent bodies, including NITI Aayog, United Nations, and others; thousands of private schools and educational institutions, and increasingly even state governments use CENTA® in teacher promotion, professional development, and recruiting.