China’s Zhai Shanying Introduces “Ecological Nation Theory” As Humanity Shifts To An Online Life

Beijing, China: In Beijing, Mr. Zhai Shanying, Chairman of Puhua Commercial Group, proposes the epoch-creating “Ecological Nation Theory”, a theory that unveils a brand-new era of living for humanity.

Out of a foundation of blockchain technologies, a multitude of interconnected values and demand-driven “ecological nations” that humans will establish in the virtual world will gradually overturn existing ways of life by which human societies currently live, and finally lead to the formation of a brand-new economic operating system for online living, and offline survival.

An “ecological nation” is to be established in the virtual internet world that may be founded by a legal person, a regular citizen, or an alliance, and operated in a liberal, democratic, equitable and transparent manner, completely according to the living laws of the internet world.

Mr. Zhaiwas is a permanent special guest of CCTV’s Dialog and Dragon TV’s Boss Town, having conversed with a multitude of leading world figures. He has also been touted as the most eligible Chinese person for a Nobel Prize in Economics. He used to teach specialized financial courses at more than 10 famous Chinese universities consecutively.

Humanity has entered the internet era and the rapid development of China’s internet technology has attracted global attention. In China, people are paying close attention to others’ responses to their updates in WeChat Moments, and the level of their role in online gaming every day.

With a staggering sensitivity to this, Mr. Zhai came to the formal conclusion that people’s conventional living and development law will be completely broken and an internet life, another life that coexists alongside our real lives, will start to play an increasingly prevailing role in the further development of humanity.

As Mr. Zhai analyzes, in the diversified internet world, different ecological nations can be created for people with different preferences. As such, various groups of people will be the sticky “digital citizens” of their respective ecological nations.

Marx published Das Kapital in 1867, yet in the following 150 years, no economic theory appeared which was comparable.

The “ecological nation” theory proposed by Puhua Commercial Group defines the changing mode of productive forces in the future development of humanity from a brand-new perspective. It is justifiable to believe that the ecological nation can realize the ideal state or “Plato’s Utopia” if it is designed reasonably.

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