CloudCADI- A One-Stop Cloud FinOps Product Is Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace


Microsoft Azure customers worldwide now gain access to CloudCADI – One Stop Cloud FinOps Solution, directly from Azure Marketplace itself – while leveraging scalability, reliability, and agility of Azure in driving application development and shaping business strategies.

Amadis Technologies Pvt. Ltd., today announced the availability of CloudCADI in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, the Microsoft online store that provides Azure applications and services for customer use. Amadis customers can now take advantage of the productive and trusted Azure cloud platform, with streamlined deployment and management.

CloudCADI simplifies the complex cloud cost management with a few clicks. “We use both MS Azure and AWS Cloud platforms for our business applications at GSM Outdoors. For the past several quarters, we have been using CloudCADI Azure version on Preview and have benefitted immensely while implementing the continuous recommendations, look forward to consuming CloudCADI as an Azure Managed App soon. We also wish Amadis team grand success to launch CloudCADI AWS version also as a marketplace offer at AWS,” says Anbarasan Kuppusamy (Anbu), Chief Information Officer, GSM LLC, a happy client of CloudCADI.

Cloud FinOps – Need of the hour

Cloud FinOps brings multiple benefits to the cloud practitioner’s table. It is a cultural practice, recognized as the most efficient method worldwide for teams to manage their cloud costs. This approach entails everyone taking ownership of their cloud usage supported by a central best-practices group. Cross-functional teams work together to enable faster delivery, while at the same time gaining more financial and operational control. If it seems that FinOps is about saving money, then think again. FinOps is about making money. Cloud spend can drive more revenue, signal customer base growth, enable more product and feature release velocity, or even help shut down a data centre. FinOps is all about removing blockers; empowering engineering teams to deliver better features, apps, and migrations faster; and enabling a cross-functional conversation about where to invest and when.

Amadis operates in the Cloud FinOps space and has focused solutions in optimizing customer cloud spend. Their flagship product CloudCADI [Cognitive and Actionable Data Insights] enables enterprises to SPEND RIGHT on cloud by trimming down their unintended public cloud expenses with granular insights and intelligent recommendations.

Some of its key features include,

•  Cloud-native: CloudCADI resides within the customers’ cloud environment without any external agents, eliminating security threats.

•  Externalized Business Rule Engine: It allows users to customize the rules as per their unique requirements.

•  Actionable Recommendations: It’s intelligent recommendation engine helps businesses to optimize cloud resources with actionable recommendations.

•  Chargeback/Visibility/Showback: Granular insights identify where the cost originated to provide accountability.

•  End-to-End Automation: It facilitates the seamless integration into ticketing tools like ServiceNow.

•  Role-based analytics: CloudCADI facilitates role-based visibility to dashboard.

•  Alerts: It has customizable reporting & alert capabilities to give visibility over IaaS/SaaS/PaaS services and assets.

“Ever since we started our journey to deploy our product-led cloud finops solutions to our customers, ease of use & superior customer experience, has been our prime focus. Now CloudCADI being live in Azure Marketplace as an Azure Managed Application, is going to enable our clients worldwide, easy access in a matter of clicks and start optimizing” proudly says, Madhu Kumar, Founder & CEO of Amadis Technologies.

Jake Zborowski, General Manager, Microsoft Azure Platform at Microsoft Corp. said, “We’re pleased to welcome CloudCADI to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, which gives our partners great exposure to cloud customers around the globe. Azure Marketplace offers world-class quality experiences from global trusted partners, with solutions tested to work seamlessly with Azure.”

In the dynamic landscape of cloud-based enterprises, optimizing cloud resources poses numerous challenges. From complex multi-vendor costing models to transparent governance issues and delayed problem identification, businesses face an array of obstacles. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, Amadis introduces CloudCADI as the ultimate Cloud Cost Optimization Tool.

CloudCADI Is a Must Have Cloud Cost Optimization Tool

It brings a plethora of benefits to the cloud businesses. “Our transition to the cloud brought new challenges, particularly in controlling costs. Advanced actionable recommendations from CloudCADI gave us multiple options to implement cost-saving measures, without compromising performance. Its clear-cut dashboards, non-intrusive nature and budgeting features have empowered us to easily visualize and manage cloud expenses, allowing us to focus on innovation rather than on budget overruns. It’s truly a must-have for any business venturing into the cloud,” says Nick Krmpotich, Sr Director, Engineering, DigiKey Electronics, a satisfied CloudCADI customer.

To list a few more benefits,

•  Financial Prudence: Empower cloud practitioners with the ability to control cloud bills and allocate spending only to assets that add real value.

•  Optimized Cloud Assets: Enhance cloud performance with assured optimization of cloud assets.

•  Cognitive Insights: Leverage cognitive and actionable insights for data-driven decisions in cloud optimization strategy.

•  Unified Monitoring: Monitor all cloud assets seamlessly under a unified pane.

•  Cross-Functional Collaboration: Promote collaboration across teams with a unified ecosystem, fostering contributions from every department.

•  Empowered Engineers: Provide the engineering team with enhanced financial visibility and control over cloud expenditure.

Optimizing Cloud Costs and Enhancing Accountability: CloudCADI’s Multifaceted Benefits Across Teams

CloudCADI benefits all three major cloud business hierarchies.

Engineering Team: It brings financial accountability to the cloud engineers and make cost-aware infrastructure decisions. It also provides a framework for cloud cost optimization and usage while giving flexibility to choose from multiple restructuring recommendations.

Finance Team: It relieves the finance team from the surprise hefty cloud bills and enables data-driven spending.

Operations Team: CloudCADI ensures rightly utilized cloud budget and free from vendor-lock in. Finding the root cause of cost anomalies becomes simpler with drill-down options. Further it assures a non-deviated journey towards the organization’s vision and maps every penny with the business outcomes.

CloudCADI as an Azure Managed App: Unmatched Benefits

•  Automatic Updates: Enjoy hassle-free cloud optimization with CloudCADI as an Azure Managed Application, eliminating the need for manual updates, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

•  Compliance Assurance: Meet organizational standards effortlessly with CloudCADI’s compliance features as an Azure Managed Application.

•  Simplified Billing: Benefit from the trust of Microsoft by paying for CloudCADI directly through Azure billing, streamlining the entire billing process.

Amadis is an emerging leader in the Cloud FinOps market helping customers make the right decisions with technology. Through investment and focus, they have honed their skills to identify optimal paths to success. Their certified cloud engineers are committed to make businesses successful by putting the cloud innovation directly into their hands. It is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company which is headquartered in New Jersey, USA. It has its Cloud Innovation Centre at IITM Research Park, Chennai that leverages the master minds from the campus and a Technology Development Centre in Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, for its development activities.