CureSee’s Revolutionary AI-Based Vision Therapy Software Wins Hearts on Shark Tank India

CureSee, a cutting-edge digital health company, has been making waves in the world of vision therapy since its launch. Recently, CureSee was featured on Shark Tank India, where its innovative AI-based vision therapy software for treating amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, was presented to the panel of sharks. The software received an overwhelming response from the sharks, with each one of them vying to bag the deal.

The CureSee team, consisting of Co-founder & CEO Puneet, Co-founder & CTO Jatin Kaushik, and Co-founder & COO Amit Sahni, showcased their revolutionary software on the popular television show, Shark Tank India. The CureSee software uses advanced AI technology to provide personalized and effective vision therapy to patients with amblyopia, a condition that affects millions of people worldwide.

The Sharks on the show were impressed with the software’s ability to provide a customized and affordable solution to people with amblyopia. They were so impressed that they fought over the deal, with each Shark wanting a stake in CureSee. The founders of CureSee had the difficult task of choosing the best Shark to work with, and in the end, they made a deal with one of the most well-known Sharks on the show.

The sharks were left amazed by the groundbreaking technology of CureSee’s vision therapy software. The software uses advanced AI algorithms to provide personalized and adaptive therapy to patients suffering from amblyopia. The software adapts to the patient’s progress and provides exercises tailored to their specific needs, making it one of the most effective solutions for treating amblyopia.

CureSee’s vision therapy software is the world’s first AI-based solution for amblyopia treatment. The software has been designed to offer patients a convenient and affordable option for treating their lazy eye. With CureSee’s software, patients can access therapy from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. The software is easy to use and provides a comprehensive therapy experience, making it an ideal option for patients seeking significant improvement in their vision.

CureSee’s vision therapy software has been widely recognized for its effectiveness and innovation. It has been featured in several leading news publications and has received multiple accolades for its contribution to the field of vision therapy including the prestigious ZS Prize, TIDE EiR Fellowship, Scale Up Grant by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India. CureSee is incubated at PIEDS, BITS Pilani and also a part of accelerator program of IIM Kozhikode. The software has been praised for its ability to provide patients with a more comprehensive therapy experience and better results than traditional vision therapy methods.

CureSee’s vision therapy software has already helped thousands of patients worldwide, and the company is committed to expanding its reach and helping more patients in need. The software has been developed in collaboration with leading eye specialists and researchers, and the company continues to invest in research and development to improve its technology and provide better results to patients.

CureSee’s success on Shark Tank India has brought the company to the forefront of the digital health industry. The sharks’ excitement and interest in CureSee’s vision therapy software have generated immense interest in the company, and it is now poised for significant growth in the coming years.

“We are thrilled to have been featured on Shark Tank India and to have received such an overwhelming response from the sharks,” said Dr. Rohan Kapoor, co-founder of CureSee. “Our vision therapy software has the potential to revolutionize the way amblyopia is treated, and we are excited to bring this technology to patients worldwide.”

CureSee’s vision therapy software is a game-changer in the field of amblyopia treatment, and its innovative use of AI technology is paving the way for the future of vision therapy. With its commitment to excellence and innovation, CureSee is set to change the way we approach vision therapy and bring improved vision to patients worldwide.

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About CureSee:

CureSee is the World’s 1st Artificial Intelligence (AI) based vision therapy software treating Amblyopia or lazy eye. The problem it’s solving is Amblyopia which is an eye condition in which the eye cannot see clearly even with best possible spectacle or contact lens correction. The software provides personalized and adaptive therapy to patients, making it one of the most effective solutions for treating amblyopia. The company is committed to improving vision therapy and providing better results to patients worldwide.