Dr Subhash Chandra performs rheumatic mitral stenosis, first such procedure in Tanzania

Tanzania: Senior Cardiologist from a leading Indian (New Delhi based) BLK Super Speciality Hospital performed Balloon Mitral Valvotomy (BMV) on a 19-year old girl. The surgery was performed at Tanzania’s leading Cardiac Centre, The Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute, Dar es Salaam in partnership with the a team of resident  cardiologists led by Dr Peter R Kisenge, Head of the Cardiology Unit. This procedure was the first of its kind ever performed in Tanzania.

Besides the BMV, Dr Chandra performed 6 other interventional procedures at JKCI. All these procedures were performed in partnership, as part of an effort for JKCI and BLK Super Specialty Hospital to work together to build capacities in cardiology in Tanzania.

BLK Super Speciality Hospital has been committed to work in partnership with hospitals across Africa to share its vast experience across specialties to build healthcare capacities locally. to achieve this, the hospital provides training to doctors from these countries at New Delhi and regularly sends teams of eminent doctors from New Delhi to different African countries to work with local hospital and perform complicated surgeries. 

Dr Subhash Chandra, Chairman & HOD, BLK Heart Center said, “the young girl suffered from heavy breathlessness and fatigue, initial diagnosis revealed Mitral Stenosis (narrowing of heart valve). The team thought of using a technique which will have minimum involvement of any surgical procedure and girl could be discharged without having to stay for long in the hospital.  We inserted a tube (catheter) with a balloon attached to it through a vein and into her heart. We inflated the balloon to expand the valve using a technique called Balloon Mitral Valvectomy”.

The girls symptoms of tiredness, breathlessness, cough and swelling was cured without any major surgery and was discharged the next day, informed Dr Chandra.

Dr Peter R Kisenge, Head Cardiologist, Muhimbili National Hospital, said, “for the benefit of people of Tanzania, we are looking forward for a mutually rewarding and enduring relationship with BLK Super Speciality Hospital. We shall periodically invite doctors from BLK hospital to visit Tanzania to conduct surgeries and CME programmes at JKCI for training of our medical staff.  Also whenever required, JKCI shall send its medical staff for training courses to BLK Hospital. We are very thankful to Dr Chandra and team for their support in showing us a technique that we have not used so far.”

“Taking our commitment to next step, we plan to enter into an official partnership in developing world class cardiac care facilities in Tanzania. We are hopeful that an official tie-up soon will be in place with the JKCI and we will do more such procedures and surgeries to provide quality healthcare at the door steps of people in Tanzania. We have already started work in this regard and an official MoU shall further strengthen our efforts”, said, Mr Naresh Kapoor, Director, BLK Super Speciality Hospital.

Stenosis means narrowing of an opening in the heart valve. Stenosis of the mitral valve limits the forward flow of blood from the left atrium to the left ventricle. This may cause a back-up of blood and fluid in the lungs. Mitral stenosis most commonly develops many years after a person has had rheumatic fever.  Many of the symptoms of mitral stenosis includes quick weight gain; weakness; dizziness; swelling in the ankles, feet and/or abdomen (edema), heart palpitations.

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