ELCINA Facilitates Interactive Session with Government e-Marketplace (GeM) to Strengthen the Electronics Ecosystem

“ELCINA Empowers Electronics Ecosystem with Interactive Session on Government e-Marketplace (GeM)”

New Delhi – The Electronic Industries Association of India (ELCINA), a leading industry association representing the electronics sector, organized a highly productive interactive session on 16th May 2023 with Government e-Marketplace (GeM). The session aimed to foster a better understanding of the procurement processes, categorization and address current challenges faced by ELCINA members. GeM, recognized as the nodal agency for enhancing efficiency, transparency, inclusiveness, and speed in public procurement, is set to collaborate closely with ELCINA to strengthen the electronics ecosystem.

GeM has revolutionized the way public procurement is done in India, particularly in the electronics sector. By providing a single platform for online procurement of goods and services, GeM has simplified the procurement process, reduced paperwork, and increased transparency and competition. This has enabled small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the electronics industry to participate in government tenders and win contracts, thus promoting entrepreneurship and job creation in the sector.

The interactive session served as a platform for ELCINA members to engage directly with GeM and gain valuable insights into the procurement procedures and best practices. Participants had the opportunity to discuss the current issues they face and explore collaborative solutions with GeM representatives. The session facilitated a productive dialogue, enabling ELCINA members to align their operations with GeM’s objectives and leverage the platform’s benefits effectively.

The electronics industry plays a pivotal role in the growth and development of the nation, contributing significantly to job creation, innovation, and economic progress. GeM’s commitment to enhancing efficiency, transparency, and speed in public procurement aligns seamlessly with the goals of the electronics ecosystem. By collaborating closely with GeM, ELCINA aims to streamline procurement processes, promote fair competition, and drive sustainable growth in the industry.

The interactive session witnessed lively discussions on various topics, including the adoption of categorization & latest technologies, the availability of quality electronic components, and the importance of a robust supply chain. ELCINA members expressed their appreciation for GeM’s efforts in creating a conducive environment for electronic procurement and looked forward to further collaboration to address the challenges faced by the industry.

Speaking about the session, ELCINA, stated, “We are delighted to have organized this interactive session with GeM, as it provided our members with a valuable platform to engage directly with the nodal agency responsible for public procurement. The electronics industry is evolving rapidly, and it is crucial for us to align our operations with GeM’s initiatives to ensure a transparent and efficient procurement process. We look forward to working closely with the GeM team to address the current challenges faced by the industry and drive sustainable growth in the electronics ecosystem.”

ELCINA also “informed the industry about Source India- Electronics Supply Chain Portal (www.sourceindia-electronics.com) launched by ELCINA which is supported by the Ministry of Electronics & IT Govt of India (MeitY). This B2B Portal enables companies to post their products online on which they can receive enquiries and seamlessly connect with global and domestic buyers and support Make in India initiative”.

ELCINA’s commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the electronics industry positions it as a key player in promoting innovation and growth. The association’s partnership with GeM demonstrates its dedication to creating an enabling environment for electronic procurement, benefiting both businesses and the overall economy.

About ELCINA (Electronic Industries Association of India)

Electronic Industries Association of India was established in 1967 as the first industry association supporting electronics hardware, when India’s Electronics industry was still in its infancy. Since then, ELCINA has established itself as an interactive forum for electronics and IT manufacturers.

Our key objective is to promote manufacturing, research & development, higher value addition and business expansion in the Electronic System Design & Manufacturing (ESDM) sector. ELCINA delivers this through knowledge sharing, industry research, policy support and enabling creation of an efficient eco-system in the country. We engage with all stakeholders and the Government and promote B2B as well as B2G industry programs to facilitate the same.

ELCINA actively interacts with the government and advises it on policy and business environment issues. It networks with technical institutions and business support organizations in India and abroad to enable business expansion and information dissemination on technical developments. With greater liberalization, ELCINA’s focus has shifted to professional and value-added services to the Electronics Community.