Enjoy Adventure Dining Experiences with Champions Group

Champions Group, headquartered in Bengaluru, provides luxury cruises around the world with its unique brand of hospitality. The company ensures a luxurious yachting experience that will last a lifetime. Now the company offers exquisite dining in the air as well. The Company just announced a global alliance with VinDev to launch “Flydining Champions”, a revolutionary concept that combines delectable dining in the air with aerial and aquatic cruise combo experiences. This innovative offering will provide guests from around the world with the finest dining experience, whether in the air or on the water.

This new venture is part of the Champions Group’s commitment to delivering global growth to dynamic firms and luxury experiences to guests worldwide. The company’s chairman, Mr. Subhakar Rao, stated, “We are excited to bring this unique concept to life and to offer global guests the opportunity to dine in style while taking in some of the world’s most stunning views.”

The 50-meter-high-flying dining experience is an unforgettable experience. A one-of-a-kind dining experience combining adventure and delicious cuisine in Goa.

“We will take guests on a journey to new heights, offering exclusive dining experiences over 160ft above ground on waterfront properties, and on a luxury yacht, with breathtaking views and unparalleled comfort. The experience will be complemented by an exquisite menu of gourmet dishes, created by a team of world-class chefs, and paired with top hotels and the finest food,” said Mrs. Hema Malini Nidamanuri, Managing Director, Champions Group. We believe that Flydining Champions will set the standard for adventure dining experiences globally.

The Adventure Dining Experience with Flydining Champions, be it on a cruise offering scenic coastal views or from a 50-meter height, will definitely bring you the “Dining Experience of Your Lifetime”.

“The launch of multiple locations marks a significant milestone in our combined ongoing mission to provide guests with the ultimate in luxury travel and adventure experiences,” said Vinaý, CEO. 

“This partnership is committed to ensuring that every aspect of the VinDev Champions experience is of the highest quality, from the food and drink to the service and comfort of the aircraft or cruise ship,” says Deviprasad, MD. 

About the Champions Group

The Champions Group is a multi-national company and a leading provider of global growth solutions and luxury experiences, offering a wide range of services including luxury travel, dining, and yacht cruises. The Champions Group is dedicated to providing guests with the ultimate in luxury, comfort, and service. It is committed to delivering the highest standards of quality and innovation in everything they do. To Know More Call: +91 77740 62626 / 27, 080 49034550, or Browse: https://www.championsyachtclub.com/
About the VinDev Group

VinDev Group is a fast-growing organization that truly believes in launching innovative adventure experiences across land, sea & air and has successfully redefined the adventure experience space in the country.

Whether for a party, business lunch, or corporate meeting, this Flydining Champions concept is unlike any other. There is no doubt that this new attraction in Goa is a must-see.