Enriching Society Through Aluminium Products: Jindal Aluminium Upholds Its No.1 Position as India’s Largest Aluminium Extrusion Company

  • 1.06 lakh tons of aluminium extruded products produced in the ending FY 22-23
  • Jindal Aluminium’s annual turnover increased by 16% YoY

Jindal Aluminium, India’s largest aluminium extrusion company, has produced a record 1,06,000 metric tons of extruded Aluminium products. The company has maintained its position as India’s largest Aluminium extruded products manufacturer since its inception. Its dominant position in Aluminium Extrusion is a testament to its commitment to delivering high-quality products in the shortest lead time using best-in-class technology. The company witnessed a year-on-year growth of 16% in its revenue for FY22-23.
By prioritizing innovation and value, the company has maintained its position as a prominent player in the industry while striving toward a prosperous, sustainable future. Jindal Aluminium has used 100% renewable energy at its manufacturing units in Bengaluru (Bangalore) and Dabaspet. It was the first company to set up wind power plants in 1997 in Karnataka. Since then, the company has used renewable energy to produce engineered Aluminium products. As a strong sustainability proponent, Jindal Aluminium benchmarked modern green manufacturing practices two decades ago. 
Speaking on occasion, its Vice-chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Pragun Khaitan, said, “As we look towards the future, Jindal Aluminium remains committed to its core values of innovation, efficiency, and excellence. We constantly strive to improve manufacturing processes using technology and generate more value for our customers, people, and the planet.”
Thanks to its expertise in manufacturing intricate Aluminium profiles and well-known quality products, the company has been successfully exporting to over 45 countries. It is also resolute in spending much on R&D to find novel uses for Aluminium in different industries positioning itself to take advantage of rising markets in India, such as EVs, packaging, and batteries.
“Our unwavering focus on excellence sets us apart and enables us to maintain our leadership position in the industry.” adds the Vice-chairman and Managing Director of Jindal Aluminium.
Jindal Aluminium is focused on new opportunities in domestic manufacturing and continuously increasing its export market share. The company plans to add capacity through both organic and inorganic options. The company has concluded an INR 100 crore acquisition of Indo Alusys Industries Limited (IAIL-Bhiwadi) assets and announced the successful commencement of production at the revived Bhiwadi unit in 2022. The company is also adding up further production capacities in their Bhiwadi unit, and once fully operational, Jindal Aluminium’s extrusion capacity is expected to increase from 1.30 Lakh MTPA to 1.50 Lakh MTPA.

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About Jindal Aluminium Limited

Founded by Dr. Sitaram Jindal in 1968, Jindal Aluminium Limited is a pioneer in manufacturing Aluminium products. With state of an art facility and expertise in manufacturing intricate Aluminium profiles, it is the largest producer of Aluminium extruded and the second-largest producer of Aluminium flat-rolled products in India. The company believes in building an enriched society brought about by innovation and excellence in manufacturing Aluminium products.
Jindal Aluminium is the first Indian aluminium extrusion company with Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) and ISO 9002 certification (currently revalidated as per IS/ISO 9001:2015). It is also certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) for marine applications. 

To know more, visit www.JindalAluminium.com.

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