Eternal Hospital Performs Successful Angioplasty with Orbital Atherectomy Technique for Calcified Blockage in Heart

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India –

For the first time in the country, such a technique of angioplasty was used in the calcified blockage of the artery of the heart, in which the blockage was cleaned with a drill moving like the axis of the solar system (orbital atherectomy) and a stent was placed. The country’s first orbital atherectomy case took place at Eternal Hospital, Jaipur, in which the life of a patient suffering from severe calcified blockage in both heart arteries was saved. This successful case was done by Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, Senior Interventional Cardiologist under the guidance of eminent Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Samin K Sharma.
There was a severe blockage in both arteries –

Dr. Sanjeev Sharma said, “The 65-year-old patient had a severe calcified blockage in both the heart’s major arteries. The patient had 95 per cent blockage in the left artery and 100 per cent blockage in the right artery of the heart, which had a lot of calcium deposits. With the help of orbital atherectomy technique, we completely cleaned the calcium and did stenting there in a procedure of about 1 hour.”
Angioplasty of calcified blockage made easier with new technology –

Dr. Sanjeev Sharma told, “25 to 30 per cent cases of heart blockage found in the country are of calcified blockage. Till now rotablation and IVL (shockwave) techniques were used in such cases. But orbital atherectomy technique is more advanced than both techniques. It is effective in both large and small arteries and breaks down the calcium into small enough pieces that the calcium is released from the vein along with the bloodstream. In case of calcified blockage in the heart artery, orbital atherectomy clears the blockage completely, so that the stent can be implanted very well.”

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