Finway FSCs Tech introduces ‘Alphabot’ to make passive income possible for every Indian with low capital

Open a free DEMAT account and invest through AI-enabled automated system

December, 29th, 2021: India-based fintech company Finway FSC is ready for its new platform called Alphabot, which will bring some amazing opportunities to people looking to create passive income with low capital. Alphabot is intended for those who don’t necessarily have the privilege of owning a huge corpus of money but would want to earn passive income. The platform will make room for such investors to open a DEMAT account without paying a penny and start an automated investment journey leveraging Artificial Intelligence technology with as little as one Lakh rupee onwards. 

For Finway FSC, Alphabot comes as a step ahead in offering pioneering fintech services in India. Alphabot will make stock investment-cum-trading more accessible to the masses, which is incredibly necessary for a market like India.

Alphabot aims to empower people financially by assisting them with their customized services so that they can take control of their money and compound it to create a seamless source of passive income.

“Finway FSC has always spearheaded new ideas to make investments simpler for customers. We understand that there are people who want to open a DEMAT account and start slow with stock trading, and Alphabot will allow that without any gimmicks. For non-traditional but potential investors, Alphabot would be a great resource and platform where they can actually keep a check on how their investments grow with time. It offers protection of capital as there is no exchange of money taking place and the money continues to be in control of investors in their DEMAT account. At Finway FSC, it remains our constant endeavor to ensure that our customers keep earning money over a span of two to three months. Alphabot will encourage passive income, especially for the non-privileged, who don’t have a huge sum of capital for investment” – The marketing head of Finway FSC said in a statement. 

Alphabot will allow investments ranging from 1 lakh onwards, which will encourage a lot of new investors. There would be a type of No Income/No Asset investment, where the user doesn’t need to disclose their assets or income to use Alphabot to make money. Users just need to share their basic KYC details to open their DEMAT account with Alphabot and keep money in the account for a specified period. 

With Alphabot, you will be able to compound your assets and pave your way to wealth creation & management at its best. 

“From the investor’s standpoint, Alphabot is a revolutionary platform in itself, you are investing in your future. We don’t expect our users to know everything about investments, stocks, or mutual funds. We are already associated with, which means that our new users will benefit from automated trading based on Artificial Intelligence and market trends. Once the DEMAT account is ready, our system will automatically integrate Alphabot code in an instant. Not to forget, our users will have the freedom to withdraw their money anytime they want,” – The statement from Finway FSC read. 

Finway FSC is expected to share more details related to the platform soon. Alphabot would be one of its kind in the truest sense in the Indian fintech market and will provide a perfect platform for minimal-risk trading. 

About Finway FSC: Finway FSC is among India’s fastest-growing fintech companies that offer a competent pool of loans and financial services for diverse investors and customers. Since its launch, the company has been offering competent and transparent financial services, and the services are available for both individuals and small & medium enterprises. Finway also relies extensively on AI and machine learning to make investments and trading simpler and easier for every user.