Foldable iPhone in 2028: AI Predicts the Future of iPhones

Digit’s editorial team, using Generative AI tools, has envisioned a purely fictional future concept of Apple’s first iPhone with a foldable screen, which is hypothetically being called the iPhone Fold Max – a groundbreaking concept for a future foldable smartphone, with innovative new features. According to Digit’s editorial team, the iPhone Fold Max would most likely combine state-of-the-art technologies and Apple’s signature design with amazing new features such as a foldable display, haptic buttons, a port-less design, and holographic video calling capabilities. 
Digit’s editorial team used ChatGPT and Midjourney with creative AI prompts to envisage a futuristic yet functional iPhone concept device. Prompts ranged from the unimaginably simple “foldable iPhone” to the extremely detailed “A science – fiction inspired futuristic phone lying on a wooden table, 3D hyper-realistic hologram face of a young South Asian person rising out of the screen, octane render, hyper-realistic lighting” for the imagined device art. This concept device, the iPhone Fold Max, imagines a new standard in the smartphone industry, demonstrating how future iPhones could evolve to offer even more advanced features and enhanced user experiences. 
Soham Raninga, Editor in Chief of Digit, said, “If it were to materialise, the hypothetical iPhone Fold Max would illustrate a remarkable feat of engineering, perfectly blending Apple’s expertise in design and technology.” 
“It’s a device that would not only transform the way users communicate and enjoy the content but also set a new benchmark for the entire industry,” added Jayesh Shinde, Executive Editor of Digit.
Mithun Mohandas, Managing Editor of Digit, emphasised, “With its foldable display, the hypothetical iPhone Fold Max would offer a level of versatility and portability that we have not seen before, enabling users to multitask effortlessly and enjoy a more immersive content consumption experience.”
Dhriti Datta, a Smartphone Reviewer of Digit, who helped envision most of the key features of the hypothetical iPhone Fold Max, said, “The holographic Face-ID and FaceTime features would be true game-changers, as it would allow users to communicate and interact in ways never before possible. Even in 2028, the hypothetical iPhone Fold Max will no doubt continue to push the boundaries of what’s achievable in a smartphone. If realised, it will be yet another testament to Apple’s unwavering commitment to deliver cutting-edge technology while maintaining their iconic design and user experience.”
Key features of the hypothetical iPhone Fold Max may include:
Foldable Display: The iPhone Fold Max features a foldable Super Retina XDR OLED display with LTPO2 technology, providing a seamless and immersive experience. Users can enjoy an adaptable device that caters to multitasking and content consumption, with a 6.8-inch front screen when folded and a 7.8-inch display when unfolded.
Haptic Buttons: By replacing traditional mechanical buttons with touch-sensitive areas, the iPhone Fold Max offers a more streamlined and futuristic design. Haptic feedback technology provides a tactile sensation, improving user interactions while enhancing water and dust resistance for greater durability.
Portless Design: Embracing the future of wireless technology, the iPhone Fold Max eliminates the need for physical ports. MagSafe charging and wireless data transfer capabilities create a sleeker and more elegant design, while also promoting the adoption of wireless charging and enhancing the device’s water and dust resistance.
Holographic Face-ID and FaceTime: The iPhone Fold Max brings holographic technology to the forefront, introducing holographic Face-ID and FaceTime features. These innovations enable more immersive and interactive communication experiences while increasing the security and accuracy of facial recognition technology.
In addition to the above groundbreaking features, Digit’s editorial team also envisioned the hypothetical iPhone Fold Max to be most likely powered by the advanced A21 Bionic chip, which will most likely provide lightning-fast performance and energy efficiency. The device will also seemingly boast of an impressive camera system and capabilities, ensuring stunning still and video photography in any condition. 

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