Get a #DreamDifferent Credit Card Without Credit Score When Opening a Savings Account With Kotak811

MUMBAI, India, March 2, 2023  Gone are the days when one had to stand in a queue to get their turn to open a savings account in a bank. With digitization at its peak, one can sit in the comfort of their home, take one of their smart gadgets, and open a savings account. However, the journey of opening a bank account has become easy with Kotak811.

Not only do customers get to open a zero-balance savings account, but they also get a chance to apply for a credit card with it. The new account opening journey allows customers to apply for a pre-approved credit card when opening the savings account itself. Kotak811 aims to serve every Indian who wants a savings account but can’t maintain the minimum balance.

Pre-Approved Credit Card With a Savings Account: Rising Popularity of Kotak811

Besides aiding customers with the facility to run a savings account with zero balance, Kotak811 now also facilitates their customers with a pre-approved credit card.

Kotak811 helps new customers embark on a new banking journey and fulfill their financial needs every month. Customers won’t have to go through all the hassle involved in paperwork and applications.

This pre-approved credit card comes with reward points, cashback on limited spending, and an annual fee waiver. The best part is that customers won’t have to pay any joining fee or annual fee for this credit card.

Perks of Having a Pre-Approved Credit Card With Kotak811

Some perks it offers to the customers are:

•  Upon activation in the initial 45 days of the card issuance, the card entitles customers to 500 bonus reward points.

•  Additionally users are entitled to reward points for online spends via the card or via card transaction

This pre-approved credit card comes with plenty of other perks and rewards for people who open a Kotak811 savings account. So, banking has just become easier, and one can now avail two things at once from Kotak.

About Kotak811

Kotak811 digital bank account is one of India’s leading banking choices when opening a savings account online. It enables customers to open a zero-balance minimum savings account in the comfort of their homes.

With offers like a pre-approved credit card when opening a savings account, Kotak811 has leveled up the banking experience for its new customers. Open a Kotak811 savings account and get a pre-approved credit card in addition without any extra paperwork.