Give back to mother earth with Kiehl’s India

With its Future Made Better Initiative Kiehl’s India looks back at its sustainable journey   

April 2022, National – World Earth Day presents itself as an opportunity for us to take a minute from the daily hustle and bustle of life and refresh our perspective on what all the planet does for us and what we can do to give back and look after it the way that it deserves. This is where Kiehl’s India steps in with its Future Made Better initiative, wherein Kiehl’s takes consistent steps towards becoming a green, sustainable brand. 


To bring in World Earth Day on the right foot, Kiehl’s India organized a Ride Over to Kiehl’s event with the South Delhi Cyclists group. Cycling has an abundance of health benefits, significantly reduces greenhouse gas and pollutants emission, and makes a positive impact on the global climate change. More than 20 members of the South Delhi Cyclists group rode to the Kiehl’s India store in Khan Market, New Delhi and were pampered with skin consultations by experts along with some well-deserved refreshments. The cyclists were offered skin analyses using the Kiehl’s Healthy Skin Assessment Tool and were educated by Kiehl’s skincare experts on the correct skincare regime to help them power through their rides with flawless skin. Kiehl’s experts also conducted an informative session on the importance of hydration and sun protection, especially for this incredible group of riders who are out doing what they love in even the most extreme climate.  


Kiehl’s India has devised a programme to get consumers to kickstart their sustainability journey. As part of the Recycle & Be Rewarded Programme, all Kiehl’s stores have a recycle box where they can take their empty product containers for recycling. They are rewarded for taking this step towards a better future, and earn points that can later be accumulated and redeemed for Kiehl’s products. In this journey Kiehl’s plans to refill today and reduce the waste by tomorrow. This requires a paradigm shift – as the first step towards zero – waste vision, looking at ways to reduce waste, especially from a packaging perspective. These materials are recycled and reused for future packaging whenever possible.  


Since its inception in 2020, the Co2 emissions have been reduced by 82%, water consumption has been reduced by 21% and waste generation has been drastically reduced by 36%. The Recycle & Be Rewarded Programme has increasingly gained popularity and brings in a growing number of consumers to the store to participate in the initiative.  


In early March 2022, Kiehl’s organized a special event at The Clay Company in New Delhi as part of its sustainability initiative. The guests were given pottery demonstrations by experts and were able to try their hands at the pottery wheel to make their own creations. After their pottery sessions, guests were able to hydrate and nourish their skins with Crème de Corps and restore its moisture. The Crème de Corps formula is made to leave the skin feeling soft and supple for a long period of time without the need to reapply. The best part is that it comes in refillable packaging. Once you run out of the moisturizer, you can bring the container to any Kiehl’s store near you and get it refilled. This effort is a part of Kiehl’s India’s Future Made Better initiative. Also a part of the Future Made Better initiative is the craft of pottery as after each session, any creation can either be baked and solidified for daily use, or the clay can be reused and repurposed for another session of pottery. 


Simple yet mindful steps taken by a beauty brand such as Kiehl’s is helping transform consumers as well to join hands and ensure a better. To innovate and execute such initiatives that promote the greater good is key to cleaning up our act as a society and becoming a powerful force against the environmental crisis. The Earth is our home and we must work tirelessly to sustain it in its entirety for the generations to come.  


About Kiehl’s 

Kiehl’s extends to its consumers the finest skincare apothecary and at the same time ensure that all safety guidelines are met as the brand launches its E-Boutique to refill one’s skincare digitally through its newly launched E-Boutique. The driving force of Kiehl’s vision is the ‘try before you buy’ initiative. Allowing clients to try products before they purchase, this 92-year old initiative has won hearts and has led to loyal patronage over the years. Kiehl’s journey from humble beginnings in 1851 as an old apothecary in New York’s East Village neighbourhood to 250 stores around the world including 14 flagship stores in India is one which deserves attention and applause standing true to its commitment to provide unparalleled skincare, all Kiehl’s stores promise unwavering customer service. Taking a cue from the success of Kiehl’s stores across the world, it’s no surprise that all Kiehl’s customer representatives have the technical know-how to guide clients and leave no stone unturned to provide unmatchable service and expertise. Kiehl’s was founded as an old-world apothecary in New York’s East Village neighbourhood. Its unique, extensive background represents a blend of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, herbal, and medicinal knowledge developed and advanced through the generations. Kiehl’s India is providing safe home delivery options, contactless delivery to its customers. The stores are all sanitized and safe for shopping purposes. Kiehl’s provides gifting options for friends and family and has a great range of corporate and individual gifting option for celebrating occasions. 


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