HCL Healthcare Marks a Decade of Pioneering Preventive Health and Wellness Solutions in Corporate India

HCL Healthcare

Today, HCL Healthcare, a trailblazer in providing preventive health and wellness solutions to India’s corporate sector, commemorates its 10th anniversary. Over the last ten years, HCL Healthcare has been at the forefront of defining the preventive healthcare movement by delivering bespoke wellness programs to a diverse range of industries across the country, supported by a dedicated team of over 860 professionals.

Pioneering the preventive healthcare movement, HCL Healthcare has made significant strides in reshaping corporate wellness throughout India. The company boasts a comprehensive Pan-India coverage with 9,000 serviceable pin codes, more than 50 physical centers, and a broad network of diagnostic affiliates, achieving remarkable milestones:

•  1 million doctor consultations

•  600,000+ health checks

•  250,000 vision screenings

•  200,000 dental screenings

•  75,000 care plan customers for chronic condition management and weight loss programs

In celebration of its decade-long journey, HCL Healthcare has launched the Decathon Challenge, a unique initiative motivating employees to walk or run a collective distance of 3,124 kilometers across India to support a charitable cause, benefiting the Doctors for You NGO. Furthermore, the company has unveiled the Mindful Mosaic Mental Health Wall, an innovative project aimed at promoting mental health awareness in the workplace.

Shikhar Malhotra, Vice Chancellor, and CEO of HCL Healthcare, emphasized the critical role of mental health in the contemporary workplace, a concern magnified by the global pandemic. “In the dynamic landscape of today’s workplace, significantly reshaped by recent global events and evolving work practices, the importance of mental health has never been more pronounced. The pandemic has catalyzed a shift in how we view and prioritize the mental and physical well-being of our workforce. I’ve observed firsthand the transformative impact of robust wellness programs on organizational culture. Companies committed to nurturing the well-being of their employees not only witness enhanced engagement and loyalty but also see a marked increase in productivity.”

“At HCL Healthcare, we are committed to leading by example in this crucial area. Our initiative of the ‘Mindful Mosaic’ campaign and the creation of a supportive ecosystem for our employees’ health is reflective of our long-standing commitment to promoting wellness. Celebrating a decade of dedication to enhancing the well-being of corporate India, we marked this milestone with a ‘Decathon,’ where our employees led by example and walked the length of the country from east to west covering 3200kms in one day. These initiatives symbolize our commitment to building a healthier, more supportive workplace environment,” Malhotra stated.

Future Vision: Expansion and Technological Advancements

Looking forward, HCL Healthcare is set to expand its footprint by opening 100 new on-site clinics across India, extending its reach to additional states and regions. The company is also in the process of developing an innovative wellness app, aiming to provide a gamified, comprehensive well-being experience for millions of employees. This initiative marks a significant step towards a phygital approach, blending physical and digital services to grow the preventive care industry.