HCLSoftware Emerges as India’s Premier Software Marketplace


HCL Software, India’s beacon of innovation, proudly announces a crescendo in the Indian tech industry as it surges to become the largest India-based software company. With a monumental stride in its presence and portfolio, HCLSoftware highlights its role as a software leader and the burgeoning potential of the Indian software sector.

Established in 1976 as Hindustan Computers Pvt. LTD (HCL), the brand has not only witnessed the evolution of the IT landscape but actively shaped it. In 2019, HCLSoftware was born. In less than five years, it has propelled to a $1.41B+ software business, matchmaking digital solutions with hundreds of Fortune’s top 500 enterprises and over 6,600 global customers. HCL Software’s exponential growth isn’t just a rise in numbers – it’s a testament to the formidable Indian talent pool and visionary leadership that has driven this unprecedented success story. HCLSoftware now boasts more than 7,800 employees working from 40 top-notch facilities, focusing on innovation, customer-centricity, and a culture that nurtures each individual’s potential.

“Our journey has been paved with dedication, fueled by the power of innovative thinking and bolstered by a robust network of professionals,” avers Kalyan Kumar, Chief Product Officer at HCL Software. “This milestone cements our position as a torchbearer for the Indian software sector, and we are just warming up.”

Mumbai will be the epicenter of yet another chapter in HC Software’s growth story, where the Mumbai executive meeting will unveil business growth reports and future strategic initiatives.

Soon, HCLSoftware envisions transforming the infrastructure of Indian and global companies. By aiming to provide 80%-90% of the total software requirements of Indian corporations through an integrated and secure software ecosystem, HCLSoftware’s mission perfectly aligns with India’s digital renaissance.

At the heart of its future outlook lies a commitment to innovation, service excellence, and the indomitable spirit that has brought the company thus far. HCLSoftware roadmap includes expanding its presence in the APAC region, fortifying research and development investments, fostering strategic partnerships, and continuing to attract the brightest minds in the industry.

“The statistics speak volumes, but our real success story is our people. Their perseverance and passion have set us apart,” Rajiv Shesh, our Chief Revenue Officer, adds. “We are laser-focused on nurturing homegrown talent and fostering an environment that incubates innovation because we know that it’s the driving force behind our journey and the inherent value we bring to every partnership.”

HCL Software’s narrative is more than just a press release; it’s a call to action for Indian enterprises to trust in their local champions and a story affirming the emergence of the ‘Made in India’ legacy. The future of software is here, and it is distinctly Indian.