Healpha Health ATMs to provide booster dose for reducing Covid exposure risk

Hyderabad: Healpha, a Hyderabad based people centric- connected digital healthcare startup, today announced the launch of its virtual clinic called the Health ATM. The Health ATMs will reduce the risk of Covid and other communicable diseases for healthcare professionals as well as enable large numbers of patients across urban and rural geographies to draw the benefit of enhanced virtual clinics. Healpha, which has already demonstrated success in the fields of Preventive, Curative and Managed Healthcare, successfully treated thousands of frontline warriors and their families during Covid emergency. Healpha was deployed within 48 hrs for Hyderabad Police and many organizations and COVID centers. It now aims to bring the same benefits to the entire population of the country even beyond Covid through the Health ATMs powered by their “Pocket Clinic”.

On the occasion of the launch, Mr. Raj Janapareddy, Founder of Healpha said, “Compared to 11% usage of telemedicine in 2019, today, 76% of end consumers are comfortable using telemedicine. Our Health ATMs take tele-treatment to the next level, where doctors sitting remotely can monitor vitals of a patient like oxygen saturation, blood pressure, glucose levels and even ECG. On Demand Virtual Urgent Care has the potential to significantly lower emergency department (ED) visits, urgent patient visits, and after-hours consultations. This by itself reduces the exposure to Covid significantly for both health care workers as well as patients of the service.”

“The Health ATM is literally Anytime, Anywhere, Affordable HealthCare Access. It is easy to implement and can be accessed in any of the neighborhood medical stores, schools, corporate offices, factories and houses or even on boats that connect remote areas. It takes up only 4 square feet area, is light and enables primary & secondary level medical assessment by doctors for patients living in remote areas, aged patients and even patients suffering from varied levels of chronic issues. It requires minimum skill up-gradation and is in line with the National Digital Health’s Vision of easy virtual healthcare for everyone. Additionally, it gives states the ability to balance the doctor – patient ratio skew in the country,” Raj Janapareddy went on to add.

Healpha is already working aggressively with tie-ups with Satsang Covid voluntary Medical Service, Help Hyderabad NGO for its covid centers, clinics, home care with tele and remote care, Trust for Community Initiatives on similar lines, India Covid Support, Rnisarg Foundation, Support for Sohagpur Village and much more. The organization also has had several enquires for its virtual clinic and Health ATMs from afflicted countries internationally. Healpha is also working with several hospitals to identify core issues and find digital enabled medicare solutions. This includes renowned hospitals like Bloom Hospitals, Roma Hospital, Wellness Hospital, Shaheen Quarantine Center and more.

Healpha can be easily downloaded on individual smart phones and the services availed by any citizen for schools, corporates, communities or even individuals and family.  It can help deliver safe, efficient and cost-effective care. It enables all stakeholders to access health data easily while ensuring privacy. It helps improve the quality and outcomes of health and social care.


About Healpha

Founded in the year 2017, Healpha is more than just a medical support app.  Under dedicated leadership and strong management, Healpha has evolved as a reliable source through its user friendly apps, providing the highest quality standards of medical treatment to all sections of the society. Since its inception, Healpha has grown with their inspiring leadership and unflagging work style. The dedicated team of medical experts evaluates a patient’s condition & provides accurate diagnosis with their experience. The organization takes the utmost care of patients & ensures that it provides high quality service & empower their recovery journey holistically. Healpha provides support for a wide range of medical challenges even beyond Covid.

Find more information at: http://healpha.com/