HIOX Softwares Ventures Into Cloud Services With the Introduction of HIOX Cloud


Leveraging over two decades of expertise in the server and web services arena, HIOX Softwares strategically enters the cloud services sector with HIOX Cloud. Accessible via hioxcloud.com, HIOX Cloud is poised to compete with leading cloud service providers like Digital Ocean and Linode, offering a public cloud platform that revolutionizes how customers deploy and manage applications.

HIOX Softwares, a frontrunner in the Indian web services market with its HIOX India (www.hioxindia.com) brand, now brings its expertise to cloud services. HIOX Cloud simplifies the migration from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, enhancing scalability and security. This shift allows customers to focus on building applications without the complexities of underlying infrastructure.

HIOX Cloud’s entry into the market is marked by its highly competitive pricing strategy. The base cloud server plan, starting at just Rs. 150 per month, emphasizes an operational expenditure (OPEX) model over capital expenditure (CAPEX), making cutting-edge technology accessible to a wider audience. HIOX Cloud is not just about affordability; it’s a showcase of advanced technology with Linux-based virtual machines, comprehensive cloud infrastructure, and next-gen CPU power. HIOX Application Cloud includes pre-installed software applications on cloud VMs, facilitating easy deployment and scaling of websites, applications, and AI-driven solutions.

Emphasizing cloud security and compliance readiness, HIOX Cloud ensures a secure and regulatory-aligned environment. Its scalable design meets growing demands dynamically, embodying the principles of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This approach is further complemented by support for Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) practices, enhancing development and operational efficiency.

Furthermore, HIOX Cloud introduces Cloud Desktop and cloud-native application deployment, marking a new era in cloud technology. HIOX Cloud hosting provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional hardware infrastructure, significantly cutting down associated expenses. Its scalable design allows for easy expansion, meeting growing demands without the need for extensive upfront investments, making it a flexible and forward-thinking solution for businesses and developers alike.