India’s Finest Carpets, Now Adding Life to homes in Mumbai

OBEETEE rugs have brightened homes and lifestyles for decades on end, infusing them with an impeccable sense of grandeur. Revered across the globe, Obeetee carpets continue to prosper in both Indian and international marketplaces. After taking the western world by the storm, the brand now has its eyes set on capturing markets on the home turf. Mumbai the financial capital of India, is hence an obvious choice for opening their brand-new store.

Mr. Rudra Chatterjee, Chairman, OBEETEE, said, “We are firm believers of what OBEETEE stands for and the value that it adds to lives and homes. Our mission to weave its brilliance into the country began with the OBEETEE store in Delhi and is now reaching new heights with our new store in Mumbai. We put our heart and soul into each store to ensure it encapsulates what OBEETEE is and the Mumbai store captures every essence of it. This launch is another huge step in our expansion plan and we are honored to be launching it for the world to see.”

Speaking about the new store launch, Ms. Angelique Dhama, CEO, OBEETEE Retail, said, “Created with the most detailed and artisanal craftsmanship using the purest and most natural forms of materials, OBEETEE carpets are unlike any other. After the overwhelming response that we received for our Delhi store, it gives us immense pleasure to expand our reach in Mumbai. We are delighted to be expanding in the home ground of the brand and enabling more people to enter this beautiful world of tradition, aesthetic and opulence. The Mumbai store has been designed with the utmost detail and crystal-clear vision and we are ecstatic to open our doors and welcome you to experience it.”

OBEETEE has opened a retail store in Mumbai’s Famous Studio Worli, which attracts some of India’s most affluent crowds. The store is set within a beautiful space of approximately 3000 square feet. Characterized by room in room experiences, the store makes the customer go on a personalized and warm soiree at all times and we call it the ‘Makers Manor. The modern luxury setting amplifies the experience of the finer details of the legacy of OBEETEE and its impeccable craftsmanship. The interiors and façade has been transpired through intricate depiction of warping of a carpet.

The store also boasts of customized lighting suitable for all times in the day and has incorporated the use of kinetic fixtures that enable customers to see the carpets vertically in its whole avatar. The contemporary use of this in-house technology helps the customer see thousands of designs at one click and is called “Carpet Diem”. This Mumbai store is set to be one of ten exclusive retail stores that OBEETEE aims to open across the country in the next 3 years.

This luxurious experience is elevated to greater heights when you simultaneously sip and feel the aromatic whirlwind of specially handpicked Makai Bari tea from OBEETEE’s own tea estates. We invite you to come and experience an all-encompassing experience with us.



Founded in 1920, OBEETEE is one of the oldest and largest hand-woven rug companies in not only India but also the world. Expanding over a century, OBEETEE has garnered an undisputed reputation in terms of its brilliance. With over 25,000 artisans dedicated to the creation of extraordinary rugs, OBEETEE boasts of a community that sustains its existence and excellence.

The uniqueness and regality of OBEETEE is undeniable, and the Rashtrapati Bhavan, which houses two beautiful OBEETEE creations, is in agreement. In addition to that, innumerable prominent people have experienced and recognized the world of OBEETEE over the years.

OBEETEE has the greatest in-house rug-making capabilities in India, powered by their modern dyeing plant and ever-inspired design department. They constantly employ new textures and designs, and house over 4,000 color-fast shades of wool in their bank. OBEETEE was the first company to receive the SA 8000:2001 certification for Social Accountability. The company does an endless array of things to give back to the community. From supporting children’s education, women’s vocational training, public health, and sanitation, to numerous environmentally conscious efforts, OBEETEE is by the people, of the people, for the people