India’s forthcoming DIY-Marketing Platform ‘InstaaPR’ announces Knowledge Sessions to decode Opportunities in the New Era

Business Leaders collaborate to boost the Start-ups, MSMEs and Entrepreneurs community.

New Delhi, 20th May 2020 – InstaaPR, India’s forthcoming, no-touch, DIY-cost-effective marketing platform is organising an informative webinar on “How to redefine your sales strategies for the new era”. The webinar is intended to support small and medium enterprises to cope with the pandemic struck economy and keep the business cycles going. 

COVID-19 has altered the way companies operate, employees work & interact with customers and the external world. Moreover, the sales and marketing functions have also come to a standstill. The webinar will focus on these two areas as enterprises were impelled to explore effective ways of continuing their operations.

Taking the lead on this webinar, Sanjay Kher, President & Chief Business Officer, Oceanic Consulting will augment the sales and marketing processes to boost sales in these trying times. 

Moderating the session will be Rachana Chowdhary, CEO, InstaaPR, who will help deep dive the discussions through and help demystify information for immediate business use. “InstaaPR Webinars aims to deliberate upon the very basics of business and life, ground realities. We aim to make our participants feel enlightened and empowered after every session. We have observed that information overload and complex business processes as a way of the busy corporate infrastructure, is often restricting people’s thinking skills and creativity. We aim to deliberate upon the very basics with our participants, to thrive in the new normal.”

Sanjay Kher, President & Chief Business Officer, Oceanic Consulting says, “Times are tough, and businesses are struggling with finding the new normal in sales and marketing departments. With companies losing business, it’s the right time to adopt an aggressive sales and marketing strategy and rebuild confidence in business.”

“In this webinar, we will not only discuss expert strategies to boost sales but also decode, some of them immediately available opportunities for the MSMEs, Start-ups, SMEs to benefit.”

Finding alternative sales strategies is of paramount importance in these trying times. Enterprises should think lateral and reinvest their resources in curating new sales and marketing tactics. This also is a great time to engage with existing clients and be truly invested in their success.

The webinar session is scheduled for May 21st, 2020 Thursday from 12 PM to 1 PM. 

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