Innovative mobile sub zero temperature cold chain for taking Sputnik V vaccination to schools and workplaces

AddressHealth, a Bangalore based primary health care venture which reaches over 300 schools through its school health programme has innovated by creating a sub-zero temperature mobile cold chain using Ice Lined Deep freezers which can hold temperature in -18 to -25 degrees centigrade, without any power backup for over 8 hours.

This enables AddressHealth to provide Sputnik V at the doorsteps of people in schools, apartments and workplaces, without compromising the potency of the vaccine.

The introduction of Sputnik V as the 3rd approved Covid vaccine has expected to speed up coverage and make more options available. However Sputnik V needs to be stored at -18 Degrees Centigrade and needs to be administered within 2 hours of being taken out of the cold chain. This makes it difficult to plan outreach programs in schools, workplaces, apartments and this vaccine is currently being delivered at few large hospitals only.

Currently about 50% of adults in Bangalore are vaccinated with at least one dose and this innovation will help reach universal coverage.

AddressHealth has tied up with organizations such as Parikrama Humanity Foundation where it will vaccinate over 1000 teachers, staff and parents of children from low income families this week. Many leading schools such as Silicon City Academy of Secondary Education, Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, GEAR Innovative International, Chitrakoota School and Euro Schools have also tied up with AddressHealth to vaccinate their staff and parents.


Dr Anand Lakshman, Founder & CEO, AddressHealth and a public health specialist said, “We are taking a very efficient vaccine with only 3 weeks interval between doses, to the people using a public health innovation. The Ice Lined Deep Freezer was designed for Indian conditions where Primary health centres would have frequent power cuts. Unlike traditional deep freezers, this has an ice lining with phase change material and a stainless steel inner chamber which allows a hold over time of 7-8 hours in hot Indian conditions, without any power. We plan to vaccinate 10,000 people in Bangalore with 2 doses by Independence Day”

Dr Narayana Holla V, Professor of Community Medicine, KVG Medical College Sullia, who has over 40 years of experience working on immunization programs and is an advisor to AddressHealth said, “AddressHealth has meticulously planned the cold chain to reach people, nearest to their homes and offer Sputnik V as an option”

Shukla Bose, founder Parikrma Humanity Foundation opined, “An efficient vaccine developed in double quick time is available for my staff and parents of underprivileged kids, at my school, thanks to AddressHealth’s unique public health focus and our partnership with communities”.

The Lancet COVID 19 commission India Task force has recommended vaccinating teachers and support staff of schools as a prerequisite to reopening schools.