Intellect Bizware, conferred with the SAP Partner Award for the “Extended Business Member Partner of the Year for SAP All in One” Category

New Delhi: For an outstanding contribution as an SAP partner, Mumbai based Intellect Bizware Services Pvt. Ltd. today announced that it has received SAP Partner Award as a recognition for its remarkable feats as the “ Extended Business Member Partner Of the Year for SAP all in one” category for the year 2014.

The SAP Partner Awards are a mark of recognition to the entire SAP Partners community and their role in taking technology solutions into the local markets. These awards are an accreditation to the SAP Partners for their relentless efforts in helping enterprises, organizations and customers accomplish their business goals and achieve success by deploying a range of SAP Solutions.

The selected SAP Partners were recognized and conferred with these awards during the SAP Partner Summit held in New Delhi on August 13, 2015. The SAP Partner awards are presented annually to the top SAP partners that have excelled in developing and strengthening their alliance with SAP to drive customer success.

These awards are presented in 21 different categories based on field recommendations, customer feedback and various other performance indicators.

On receiving the award Mr. Sabahat Kazi, Co-founder, Intellect Bizware commented “We are extremely delighted to have been recognized by SAP. This honour is an assurance of our growing presence in the market. “

He further added, “This recognition puts us as the front-runner in the category, thereby facilitating growth and expansion for the future road ahead. We would like to thank SAP for their ongoing trust, support, training and guidance extended to us during the years as we have grown by leaps and bounds. We have always worked on delivering the maximum value out of SAP solutions for our customers. And with S/4 – the revolutionary product from SAP, we are very excited as this will help us deliver even more value. And this year should be even better than the last. “

About  Intellect Bizware

Intellect Bizware is a Mumbai (India) based end-to-end provider of IT services for Business such as SAP Business All in One, Mobility and Portal solutions. The services offered include SAP implementation, support, development, upgrade, audit and resourcing.