Johnson Controls India Announced as Winner in Design Management at 14th DataCenter Summit and Awards

Johnson Controls, a global leader in smart building solutions, announced that it has been adjudged as the winner in the Design Management category at the prestigious 14th Datacenter Summit and Awards held at ITC Maratha, Mumbai recently. The 14th Datacenter Summit & Awards, brings together industry leaders, innovators, and visionaries from around the world to share insights and celebrate excellence in data center business practices.
Johnson Controls India presented a session on Data Center Design Impacts and Operational Sustainability covering Global trends and priorities evolving around the Digital Industry. Srinath Santhanam Vertical Leader Data Center CFS Business mentioned the need of framework towards Data center design, Operational requirements, Sustainability and Tailored solutions for Data Centers to meet the complete lifecycle.
As data centers increasingly become the focal point for digital ecosystems and the demand for innovative scalable services grows, there is a need for significant processing power, AI-powered applications, intelligent monitoring tools, and automation within the data center. In this specialised summit, industry experts gathered to discuss the changing landscape of data centers and explore the most effective strategies to ensure their continued relevance in evolving business environments. Through their forums, they facilitate transformative learning experiences by incorporating a diverse range of activities such as panel discussions, sharing of case studies and best practices, and think tank sessions. This interactive approach goes beyond conventional one-way information dissemination, actively engaging participants and fostering deeper engagement with the subject matter.
“This esteemed award is a testament to the outstanding quality and seamless integration of our data center solutions. At Johnson Controls, we take great pride in delivering products and solutions that are trusted by the most demanding data centers across the globe. Our extensive portfolio of integrated solutions is designed to drive cost reduction, maximise efficiency, and ensure exceptional performance, particularly in time-sensitive scenarios. We are honoured to be recognised for our commitment to excellence in the data center industry,” – Arun Awasthy, Vice President and Managing Director, Johnson Controls India.
Johnson Controls focus on creating products and solutions that surpass mere functionality and encompass aesthetic appeal, intuitive interfaces, and seamless integration. By placing a strong emphasis on design, it delivers solutions that not only captivate visually but also prioritise environmental sustainability and user-centricity.
The OpenBlue data center offering is a comprehensive suite of applications and solutions specifically designed by the Johnson Controls to provide sustainable and efficient cooling in data centers. The advanced equipment is meticulously designed to prioritise energy efficiency while maintaining optimal performance, allowing data centers to significantly reduce the environmental impact and achieve remarkable energy savings. With the service contracts and cutting-edge predictive tracking technology, the company proactively identifies and addresses potential issues, ensuring seamless operation and minimising any disruptions.
The company understands the importance of continuous monitoring and empowers data center operators to effectively monitor, track, report, and take necessary actions based on valuable equipment data. This not only optimises performance and efficiency but also aligns with the sustainability objectives. Additionally, Johnson Controls India’s round-the-clock monitoring ensures that their team of chiller experts has access to critical information, enabling them to respond swiftly in emergency situations and save valuable time. Overall, the unwavering dedication lies in providing sustainable cooling solutions for data centers, empowering operators to achieve their goals while ensuring unparalleled occupant comfort.
Additionally, the emphasis on design management sets the company apart in the industry by focusing on creating solutions that combine both form and function. Through innovative design practices, the company delivers products that seamlessly integrate into various environments while prioritising energy efficiency, sustainability, and user comfort. The Design Management award acknowledges Johnson Controls India’s outstanding achievements in this area and recognises the company’s continuous efforts to push the boundaries of design innovation in the building solutions industry.

About Johnson Controls
At Johnson Controls we transform the environments where people live, work, learn and play. As the global leader in smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, our mission is to reimagine the performance of buildings to serve people, places and the planet.
With a history of more than 135 years of innovation, Johnson Controls delivers the blueprint of the future for industries such as healthcare, schools, data centers, airports, stadiums, manufacturing and beyond through its comprehensive digital offering OpenBlue. With a global team of 100,000 experts in more than 150 countries, Johnson Controls offers the world`s largest portfolio of building technology, software as well as service solutions with some of the most trusted names in the industry. Johnson Controls India is fast growing with over 7,500 employees, 2 manufacturing sites, 6 engineering centers, and over 2,000 contacts in the country.
Today, Johnson Controls is present in 90% of the world’s most iconic buildings! From a sustainability point of view, Johnson Controls’ work has been unparallelled, being able to effect close to $4 billion in energy savings, and effected over 26 million metric tonnes in Carbon Dioxide.