Lavanya Ayren’s debut album ‘HER: A Story’ A perfect combination of Motivation and Music released

Lavanya Ayren is a Mumbai based emerging singer – songwriter. She released her first album ‘Her: A Story ‘ on Wednesday 15th September. Lavanya’s USP is following the perfect tempo of traditional indie pop without being deviated even a little bit.

Her debut album ‘Her: A Story’ is a compilation of 5 songs penned by multitalented Lavanya herself showcasing the personal journey of her love life coming to a full circle, which is now available on all music streaming platforms.

The first song being the title itself is about the refreshing excitement of encountering someone special who took her breath away.

After falling deeply in love, comes the phase when ‘little things’ annoy and the 2nd song ‘You need to go’ comes, in this situation she is completely captivated by the guilt and self-blame.

In the 3rd song ‘Citylights’ the philosopher overtakes the innocent girl through the midpoint of inner conflict. Then she stares at the city lights in hope of filling the void created by her tough relationship; simultaneously thinking about life and her decisions after moving to the ‘city of dreams’.

After the phase of self-blame and dilemma in the 4th song, the singer says ‘Enough is Enough’ and takes a stand for herself. The final song ‘But I survive’ reflects her resilience. She manages to survive the hardships of love by accepting ‘what is lost, is lost’. This song is purely based on her personal experience of enlightenment and self-realization that she went through.

The album may be a collection of traditional indie pop songs but it surely will string the very personal and relatable beats in the heart of every listener because of the valuable investment of Lavanya’s story of personal resurrection.

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