Lead Angels Set the Agenda for Kerala Investors

Calicut, Kerala: In an endeavor to support the Startup Mission in Kerala, Lead Angels Network, India’s first privately managed angel network contributed with the inaugural keynote session at the 3rd edition of Seeding Kerala. Setting up the context for the three-day conference, Lead Angels Network facilitated the positive dialog between investors and entrepreneurs for a fruitful discussion, to explore the right opportunities of investing in Technology Startups.

Speaking on the occasion, Sushanto Mitra, Founder & CEO, Lead Angels said, “With each passing decade, the life span of companies in leadership positions is declining rapidly indicating a huge opportunity for startups to disrupt large global corporations. By 2025, the Indian affluent class would touch 600 million creating a market for goods and services larger than present day Europe and also potentially make beach-heads into Asia and Africa. India is poised to be at the forefront of the world economy and ahead of UK, Germany and S. Korea among others.’ “Kerala” he added “provides a fertile ground for such disruptions with a well laid out infrastructure and governmental support.”  

Innovation, disruption, affordability, leveraging technology, backed by Founder’s passion invites for a thorough qualifier-check at Lead Angels Network. Spending time reviewing projects from multiple perspectives, Lead Angels is able to provide a high standard of business reviews for its members and thus improve the potential returns of their investments. 

Comprising of over 20 portfolio companies, Lead Angels (LA) has been at the forefront on the transformation journey, fast-tracking success for the entrepreneurs. With quantum growth in valuations, many investee companies have fully raised subsequent rounds of capital. Others are on their path to success and sustainability. The theme of Lead Angels is to invest in frugal entrepreneurs who provide affordability and convenience to its customers leveraging innovation and technology. 

About Lead Angels – www.leadangels.in

Lead Angels, India’s first privately managed angel network with over 120 members and five chapters across India. The network mission is to identify and support promising startups and has invested in 20+startups across India. Currently LA enjoys presence in Mumbai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Hyderabad as Chapters. Founded by a team of three originally from IIT Bombay, Lead Angels offers promising investment opportunities for its  members.