Leading Edtech startup, Azent Overseas Education strengthens its presence in Ahmedabad, redefining student experience with new offerings

Priyanka Nishar, Founder and Managing Director, Azent Overseas Education

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], December 21: Azent Overseas Education, one of India’s leading study abroad platforms founded by Priyanka Nishar (Engineering Graduate from Cornell University and MBA from Harvard Business School) is extensively strengthening its presence in Ahmedabad and redefining student experience with new offerings and services. Since the launch of its Ahmedabad center in February 2020, Azent has grown manifold helping students chose the right education while being an integral and reliable partner in their study abroad journey.
Azent stands out as a trusted Corporate, in an industry which is otherwise dominated by unorganized players. With a planned investment of Rs 250 Cr in cutting-edge technologies, the building of products and offerings, acquisition and centre infrastructure, Azent seeks to disrupt the overseas education advisory industry. The company is also extensively hiring people in the coming months, which will substantially increase its workforce by 100 per cent.

Priyanka Nishar, Founder and Managing Director, Azent Overseas Education said “Azent revolutionizes the overseas education advisory space leveraging its strong understanding of the segment and unparallel execution expertise. We acknowledge and credit the immense trust that students have continued to place in us which is critical for scaling up and achieving the ambitious goal we have set for ourselves.”
She further added, “Integrity is essential to the admissions process and Azent is committed to the highest ethical standards. Our organization and our counsellors pledge ethical and respectful behaviour in our interactions with our students and their families. We deeply focus on adopting new age technology and innovative virtual/online offerings to offer a unique user experience.”

Right from the selection of courses to finding the right university, making the students aware of the application deadline and even offering scholarships, Azent focuses on diverse offerings, providing students the best possible admissions guidance, to set them up for future success. Azent’s partnerships cover 1500+ Universities across the world to improve student recruitment and match them with the top talent that would thrive in their programs.

Azent continuously strives to present new offerings to the student which acts both as a unique differentiator of the AZENT brand and also enhances the AZENT experience.

1) The newly launched AI-driven Azent App can fetch recommendations from among the best universities for an aspiring students. Students can get their initial shortlist validated by industry experts, track everything from profile building to visa process on the platform and can submit their applications in 40 per cent less time.

2) CD- IELTS (Computer Delivered IELTS) – IELTS Training platforms/coaching institutes push students for Paper Based IELTS Tests due to the unavailability of CD-IELTS platforms for mock tests and practising. Azent is one of the very few players offering CD-IELTS in Ahmedabad and that too completely free of cost. Some benefits of CD-IELTS are, Test Dates are very easily available and one can choose to write the test even 3-4 days later. The result for the paper-based test usually takes around 13 days while the CD-IELTS results are shared within 3-5 days.

3) Free Writing & Speaking Workshop – Based on data points, test takers who have Gujarati as their first language score within a band of 5.85 & 6.07 in the writing and speaking module respectively which is less than the required band score. To help Gujarati medium students and other students in Gujarat, Azent offers Free Workshops in writing & speaking workshops which can be availed by anyone visiting our centre at Navrangpura, Ahmedabad.

4) Flagship Study Material- Azent’s experienced team of subject matter experts have developed Flagship IELTS self-study products like IELTS Predicted Cue-Card, IELTS Predicted Essay Questions, IELTS Band Graded Vocabulary Flashcards and IELTS Vocabulary along with assignments and mock tests

5) Experience Center- Azent offers immersive student experience and guidance through the use of Virtual Reality (VR) at its Ahmedabad “Experience Centre”. This is a first of its kind for the overseas education industry. Students can experience university campuses in Virtual Reality, have their questions answered and meet with highly experienced counsellors to help with their decision-making.

Azent is a hybrid edtech company with 8 experience centers, and 9 online counselling virtual centers. Its experience centres in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Thane, Vadodara and Vijayawada offer virtual tours of university campuses, expert guidance for IELTS test preparation, assistance for the student visa application and much more. The same can be accessed virtually through its virtual centres in Pune, Delhi, Kochi, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Vizag, Warangal, Jaipur, Nagpur & Surat.

Profile of Priyanka Nishar
Priyanka Nishar is the Founder and Managing Director of Azent Overseas Education. She received her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Cornell University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Having worked with the Admissions Committee of New York University Stern School of Business, Priyanka understands what universities are looking for from their ideal candidates. Earlier, she had worked with Accenture US and Hexaware Technologies.

Azent Overseas Education Ltd, an Online offline EdTech Company is strongly committed to education and career development. We are passionate about bringing global education to the doorsteps of students all over India. Integrity is essential to the admissions process and Azent is committed to the highest ethical standards. Our organization and our counsellors pledge ethical and respectful behaviour in our interactions with our students and their families. With a focus on new-age technology, innovative virtual/online offerings and user experience, we aspire to become the world’s leading global education advisory, unleashing potential, one student at a time.

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