LenDenClub collaborates with Samir Kochhar, launches its first campaign to create investor awareness

LenDenClub, India’s leading Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending platform, has joined hands with Indian actor & television presenter, Samir Kochhar, to launch its first brand campaign. The new campaign aims to create an awareness among the new-age investors to invest in P2P lending that is hassle-free and enables higher returns compared to traditional asset classes such as Debt Mutual Funds and FD’s. A fun-filled video campaign does its bit to grab the attention of mass audiences while encouraging them to choose LenDenClub as the go-to investment option.  

The campaign features Samir Kochhar as the protagonist engaging in amusing banter with the audience to showcase the benefits of investing in Peer-to-Peer lending while highlighting the industry-best product offerings of LenDenClub. With Samir Kochhar’s affiliation with many worlds of media and cricket, the brand intends to entice people from all genres, especially salaried individuals, novice investors, entrepreneurs and investors with a high-risk appetite. Besides, it also aims to bank big on the mass appeal of Samir among cricket enthusiasts. 

This brand drive is introduced during the ongoing cricket season to appeal to a sizable cricket-loving population. It is aired on various video streaming platforms during the entire cricket season. The campaign is currently live on LedDenClub’s YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter handles. 

Addressing audiences where Samir Kochhar leans back on his chair and enjoys a quick moment of happiness, humming “thank you money”. The campaign aims to quickly connect with audiences while riding on the quirky attributes of the star. While building a unique appeal among audiences, the campaign seeks to enhance awareness about investing while showcasing the ease and simplicity of investing in Peer-to-Peer lending with LenDenClub.  

Commenting on the development, Mr Bhavin Patel, Cofounder and CEO, LenDenClub, said, “With the economy opening up and the start of the cricket season, combining with festive, travel and wedding season there are positive sentiments across the country. We feel now is the right time to debut our brand campaign to engage our cricket-loving millennials. With this alliance, we aim to raise attention to Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending.”

P2P lending is an investment that offers better returns when compared with other traditional asset classes. Our campaign highlights that investor should invest in this new-age asset class with LenDenClub, which is a hassle-free investment platform that lets you get an estimated return of up to 12% p.a.” 

Samir Kochhar is a well-known face in the cricket ecosystem. He is popularly known for his insights and point of view on the show called Extraaa Innings T20. Samir Kochhar as an individual brand reflects maturity and high intellect. An individual who is an analytical thinker and has excellent command over his diction. LenDenClub is a brand that resonates with Samir Kochhar as their brand personality is on similar lines. With LendenClub’s association with Samir Kochhar, they plan to educate the masses about LenDenClub and the various benefits. Thus, making Indian investors financially sound. 

LenDenClub is the only company to become profitable in the P2P lending space. 

Ad link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xZ2RETk8mo