LifeCell Diagnostics expands its Newborn Screening portfolio, adds LSD screening to make a comprehensive testing package

LifeCell Diagnostics, India’s leading prenatal and newborn diagnostic services provider, recently announced the inclusion of a new and advanced Lysosomal Screening Disorder screening ‘LSDCheck’ to their Newborn Screening test menu. With this addition, LifeCell’s Newborn Screening package becomes one of the most comprehensive and all-encompassing screening packages that parents can opt for their children in India. 

Lysosomal storage disorders are a group of approximately 50 rare inherited metabolic conditions that manifest in a number of ways and vary in severity from moderate to severe. It is crucial to diagnose and manage these conditions as soon as possible before irreversible damage is caused. According to the latest research conducted by the Department of Biochemical and Molecular Genetics in Ahmedabad, 34.8 % of the 1,110 children examined over a 10-year period met the criteria for a type of Lysosomal Storage Disorder, confirming the disease’s extensive prevalence in the country.

Mr.Ishaan Khanna, CEO – LifeCell International, said “Rare diseases place severe burdens on families due to lack of quality and affordable treatment options. Lysosomal Storage disorder is one such rare disease that affects over 1 in 7,000 people worldwide and this number is considerably higher for a larger Indian population. Keeping this in mind, we have added the LSDCheck to our testing menu for Newborns making it one of the most comprehensive screening tests available currently in the market. This helps in early diagnosis and intervention, thereby giving patients a larger window for management and treatment. We are delighted that LifeCell’s vision of bringing affordable healthcare to every Indian household is further strengthened by this pivotal addition.” 

LSD screening after birth is highly recommended by medical professionals and doctors across the globe since it reduces the diagnostic odyssey and allows for quick treatment once a diagnosis is made. LifeCell’s LSDCheck is a test that uses standardized CE-IVD approved kits that utilize the powerful analytical technique, LCMSMS (Liquid Chromatography with Tandem Mass Spectrometry) based enzyme detection to screen 6 LSD conditions. Hence, LSDCheck comes with the ultimate promise of early diagnosis, as well as access to prompt management and treatment. 


About LifeCell: 

Established in 2004, LifeCell is India’s first and largest community stem cell bank, enjoying the trust of over 3,50,000 parents. We are the only player in the industry providing comprehensive stem cell solutions including the novel initiative of community stem cell banking, R&D, and point-of-care stem cell therapy for orthopedic and vascular specialties. Our diagnostic division offers India’s most comprehensive preventive healthcare program for prenatal health and newborn care, consisting of preconception, prenatal and newborn testing services aimed at addressing the challenge of the high infant mortality rate in the country as well as promoting health and wellness for generations to come.


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