Luxurious Video Production House with all the modern amenities in Gurgaon

content studio pr india press release

The Video Production House with the best soundstage in Delhi NCR is on its way to create two more sets in their lavish 3000 Sq ft. area to give their customer an ultra luxurious experience.


Content Studio is a Full-Service Video Production House and the folks at Content Studio are determined to bring the most premium video content to the Indian Market. They shoot, edit and deliver amazing content for brands and individual creators so that their story is told exactly the way they want to tell it. In addition to that they also rent out their incredibly premium studio space for corporate and individual shoots at a very non premium price tag.


The new studio sets will be in addition to the premium chroma studio which has the best sound insulation in the industry. This will give their existing and new clients another space to shoot their talks shows, high profile interviews and those fancy looking video podcasts. They also have an array of in-house team of skilled editors who help their clients to take their product to the next level in post production.


“We have always focussed on giving the best possible experience to whoever walks into our studio and these two new setups in our studio space will further enhance the experience, giving our customers more options to choose from” says Bharti Mehta, CEO & Founder, Content Studio.

Content Studio press release

The company’s mission is to make every customer a permanent one, so improving the already magnificent infrastructure is just another step in that direction. Content Studio boasts an amazing portfolio which ranges from huge enterprises to budding startups and all of them keep coming back, so giving them something more will further strengthen the relationship between the companies.


“We use the best industry technology and gears so we could do anything that a studio in America or Europe could do. Giving an unmatchable experience through our infrastructure and passionate work has what brought our clients back to us and adding something more to that will make creating premium content even more accessible for our customers” says Sumeet Prashant, Creative Director, Content Studio.

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Content Studio is the one stop solution for solving all your video production needs. They try to understand what business problem the video that they are making for a client is going to solve and assist them in the most appropriate way. They believe that a good production house goes way beyond suggesting perfect colour palette or coming up with brilliant set designs, a good production house also comes up with creative ways to deliver the desired result within the constraints of a budget and time, and that’s what the young workforce at Content Studio does consistently. Call them @ +91-8920249869 and book an appointment today.