Maharashtra Housing Corporation’s Villament Township Set to Revolutionize Pune Real Estate

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Pune (Maharashtra) [India], August 21: Maharashtra Housing Corporation a leading real estate developer is looking to transform the Pune real estate market by introducing the first of its kind villament township in Pune with a focus on ‘After 50, Active 50’.  This visionary development aims to provide this veteran generation with a lifestyle of unparalleled comfort and tranquility, reminiscent of well-planned townships in cities far from the bustling city life, nestled in the lap of nature. It provides an opportunity to create a personalized community for veteran generations amidst natural surroundings, fostering a harmonious way of living.

Pune’s real estate market has boomed thanks to the Pune Metro expansion, construction of ring roads and flyovers, and improved connectivity with Mumbai via the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. These developments have boosted accessibility and created new growth corridors, increasing property values. Demand for housing in remote suburbs has surged due to improved connectivity, while Pune’s pleasant weather, quality of life, and affordability have further fueled the rise in property prices.

Building upon Pune’s flourishing real estate market, Maharashtra Housing Corporation’s latest project aligns with the city’s growth trajectory. By leveraging the expanding infrastructure and enhanced connectivity, this exclusive villament township offers residents a truly exceptional living experience. With a focus on ‘After 50, Active 50’, this new project emphasizes on comfort and tranquility, inspired by international designs, it reflects upon the evolving demands and aspirations of Pune’s residents

Spanning across a sprawling 108 acres, the meticulously designed villament township concept features 700 elegant 2 BHK villas. This residential marvel caters to the evolving needs of a diverse society, including those residing in the rapidly developing Mumbai-Pune region. Integrated townships with spacious villas have gained significant traction in the Indian real estate market, especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. Homebuyers now seek integrated townships that offer comprehensive amenities, security, open spaces, and sustainable living experiences.

MHC’s upcoming project near Pune embodies the essence of sustainable living, catering to the rising demand for eco-friendly lifestyles. The migration from suburbs to urban areas for work has heightened the appeal of integrated townships. These townships not only provide spacious accommodations but also foster an exceptional living environment for active individuals above 50 years that meets the evolving needs of residents. MHC’s latest development, strategically located near Pune, showcases a stunning villament township with over 700 luxurious villas. Residents can enjoy a host of amenities including a resort, restaurant, mall, gym, clubhouse, hospital, entertainment center, tourist attractions, beautiful parks, well-designed roads, a helipad, state-of-the-art security, all enveloped by the beauty of nature.

Mr. Prafulla Deshmukh, MD, MHC, “MHC strategic vision for this project is to redefine the concept of a villament township. With a focus on innovation and a dedication to continuous learning, we aim to create a living environment that exceeds expectations and addresses the evolving needs of modern residents. By challenging norms and introducing fresh perspectives, we are poised to lead the way in shaping the future of real estate. Our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and an unparalleled quality of life will set new standards in the industry.”

MHC is dedicated to delivering exceptional living spaces that harmonize modern comforts with nature’s serenity. This latest project will enhance the way people will live and it will start a trend of integrated villament townships across Pune, India

About Maharashtra Housing Corporation (MHC): Maharashtra Housing Corporation (MHC) is a leading real estate developer committed to delivering exceptional housing solutions. With a focus on creating landmarks that meet global standards while embodying family values, MHC incorporates cutting-edge technology and a strong emphasis on sustainability.  MHC dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction has established them as a trusted name in the industry.