Mother Nurture launches in India with 12 Wholesome & Nutritious Baby Food

Mother Nurture

Baby food now gets a local and desi spin!

December 2022: Mother Nurture introduced its parent-tasted baby-approved range of baby foods in 2022. Nutritious, preservative-free, and delicious, the base ingredients in their baby food are sourced from high-quality farms and factories all over the world. The recipes are all-natural and inspired by traditional Indian flavours. They are then matched to children’s food stages to help them to transition to the table in that extra bit of thoughtfulness. And judging by the taste tests and early sales, the brand will live up to its essence of delicious, nutritious, and wholesome natural baby foods, as felt through the tagline #FoodOfTheEarth. 

The brand’s twelve well-named flavours are familiar yet exciting since they use the fruits, vegetables, grains, and spices that are found in every Indian home. Mother Nurture knows how particular babies can be with their likes and dislikes and so the product range has been designed to be the most up-to-date, stage-wise nutrition range offered on the Indian market. 

The range so far includes,


  • A for… The apple! Only the apple! Nothing but New Zealand apples!


  • Amchi Aam Luscious Alphonso mango and its juice is all. 


  • Jumping Jack Rabbit Only Carrots, a humble veggie that’s actually a superfood!


  • Ayples & Banaynay’s Apples and bananas, nothing more, nothing less.


  • Banana Fanana Only Bananas, this tropical fruit is a powerhouse of nutrients.


  • The Staple Dal, turmeric, ghee, and a dollop of mom’s love


  • Sweet Tooth Fruity blend of apple, pear and banana


  • Sweet Pete Only peas; the powerhouse of essential vitamins and minerals.


  • Baby King Kong’s Pudding  The sweetest Banana and best Basmati rice blended into a cardamom flavoured pudding.


  • Bapple Berry’s The perfect blend of sweet South American Apples and North American Blueberries.


  • Fruitalicious Loaded with mixed fruit, bananas, pears, and Alphonso mangoes.


  • Funny Fruits Bananas, apples, blueberries, a mix packed with antioxidants and phytoflavinoid.


About Mother Nurture, the Brand

Headquartered in Panchgani, Mother Nurture sources the finest and highest quality fruit from around the world. They pick the best-tasting Indian Alphonso mangoes, yummiest Chilean apples, the most luscious South African pears, top-quality basmati rice, superfoods like quinoa, and the finest of spices, as their base ingredients. The brand is committed to hygiene and safety, and far exceeds the standards required by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, FSSAI. Exemplary quality control and delicious recipes equal happy babies and parents. 


Mother Nurture Team Talk

Mother Nature’s team is made up of entrepreneurs, food technologists, social activists, nutritionists, and, above all, parents. It is a diverse team rich in skills and experience. They are passionate about bringing affordable, high-quality baby food to a category that makes busy lives easier to handle without compromising even a little on quality. They are well aware that when it comes to babies, there can be no compromises.

Nadia Sunesra, the heart and soul of this brand, reflects on how the brand came into being. “Our story is a funny one. We had two children and after twenty years were surprised and blessed with a third little one. We had to refresh our memory and prepare baby foods that were perfect for her. We had forgotten how stressful the whole business of baby food was from sourcing the freshest ingredients to preparing age-appropriate fresh foods while maintaining the strictest hygiene standards! All this with existing time commitments warring with the desire to feed her right. This is how Mother Nurture was born – to share our recipes with every parent who wants the best nutrition for their child.” 

Glen Cox, their food processing expert, highlights the best of this brand. “We use original recipes with quality GMO-free ingredients and no added sugar, preservatives, colours, or artificial flavours. We envision being part of a modern evolution offering wholesome stage-wise nutrition for kids. No dry food, chemicals, or toxins – guaranteed! Our packs are attractive and filled with safe and delicious baby food that is well-priced. We partner with you to give your child the healthiest of starts in life, combining the best of nature and nurture.”

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