From today, discerning collectors across the world can procure custom-made collectibles, featuring Indro’s line-art sketches, as merchandize – designer T-shirts, Mugs, customized Mobile Phone Covers. Mostly featuring stalwarts from the fields of music, cinema and books, Indro’s art celebrates legends, who have inspired him all his life.


Indro’s works straddle three distinct genres – PeoplePlaces and Perspectives. Each sketch discovers the details of his chosen subject, using hues and lines. He also uses calligraphy, as a supplementary form to accentuate them as relevant. It is targeted mostly at the youth, who are proud of their past.


Indro is a regular columnist with one of India’s leading newspaper, for one of their weekend supplements. He has done several exhibitions across ITC Sheraton, Novotel, Kalakriti / Garden Café, Gallery Gold, and continues to regularly showcase his work. He is also an illustrator to a few books and periodicals and contributed to designing the album for India’s leading corporate music band (CONTRABAND).


Voted as one of 50 Most Talented Brand Leaders in India by Bloomberg and the CMO Council, Indro leads a consortium of agencies under the aegis of REACHIG, to support enterprises with their Awareness, Narrative and Revenue generation objectives. Until recently, he was leading the marketing function of a global digital transformation company, and now embarks with the pursuit of his passion, for art and expressions, as an “important pursuit. His wife and business partner (Sumita) heads REACHPEOPLE, a boutique firm that specializes in corporate merchandizing and is closely associated with several industry leading organizations as their “customized merchandize partner”.

About YuBingo

YuBingo is an upcoming platform for artists to share their designs and art. Brimming with talent and enthusiasm, the artists of today’s India hope to communicate a lot of thoughts, opinions and ideas by different means. Encouraging self-worth, confidence and communication since the beginning, Yubingo offers a myriad of products that are an extension of one’s personality. With quirky prints and personal elements, Yubingo makes sure that its merchandise is fun and interesting.  Yubingo’s in-house capability to prepare customized products like t-shirts, mugs, coasters, mobile covers, frames and more, offers the artists a chance to share the illustrations, get reviews and also earn.