“New Wave of Talent: India’s National Young Authors Fair 2023 Sees 100K First-Time Authors Sell 1000+ Books Each in 30 Days!”


100K First-Time Authors Break Records at India’s National Young Authors Fair 2023, Selling 1000+ Books Each in 30 Days

India’s National Young Authors Fair 2023, which recently concluded, was a remarkable event that inspired over 100,000 students across the country to publish their first book and embark on a journey of entrepreneurship. The first-of-its-kind event was organized by BriBooks and provided young authors with the opportunity to speak, write, and experience the world of entrepreneurship. The event culminated in an awards ceremony, attended by 500 people, including jury members, young authors, and esteemed guests. The jury included Pulitzer Prize winner journalist Dele Olojede, bestselling author and columnist Saul Singer, and Edesia Nutrition founder & CEO Navyn Salem.

The fair provided young authors with lifelong memories of their published works, an opportunity to speak, a writing experience, an entrepreneurial journey, and hundreds of hours of reading and writing. The event saw participation from schools across the country, with Cambridge School – Indirapuram, JBCN International School – Parel Branch, Apeejay School NOIDA, Modern Public School – Shalimar Bagh, Birla Vidya Niketan, The Shriram Millennium School, Bal Bharati Public School, and The Heritage School Vasant Kunj winning multiple awards.

The awards ceremony recognized jury award winners and best-selling authors, with Tara Kumar, author of ‘The Dead Alive and In Between,’ winning the jury award. Winners of the Jury Award included Advik Yambalada for ‘Lessons from The Animal Kingdom’, Dia Shangbag for ‘Emotional Well-Being’, Utsa Banerjee for ‘Riki and Her Dream’, and Tvarita Guliani for ‘Princess of Beauty Island’. The best-selling authors included Dhairya Sudarshan with ‘Savi Our Saviour’, Keya Hatkar with ‘Dancing on My Wheels’, Kshipra Moreker with ‘Learning From the Jungle’, Kunwar Vikram with ‘Nature Teaches Love’, Rudraang Goenka with ‘The Rise of The Great Insane’, Subasree Bharathi with ‘My Talking Cat’, Roohi Sharma with ‘Memories Miracles Magic’, Hiyansh Joshi with ‘The Rescue Rabblets’, Tania Boya with ‘The Journey’, and Tvarita Guliani with ‘Princess of Beauty Island’.

The event also offered young authors a platform to showcase their work and promote it through social media, public readings, and school events. It was heartening to note that some young authors sold over 1000 books in just 30 days, a testament to their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Speaking on the event, Ami Dror, founder at BriBooks, said, “We are thrilled to have organized the National Young Authors Fair and given an opportunity to young authors to publish their first book. We hope this experience has provided them with a lifelong love for reading, writing, and entrepreneurship.” Bhavin Shah, CEO of Education World, said, “As the curtains close on the National Young Authors Fair, we can’t help but feel a sense of pride and awe at the incredible stories written by the children who participated. We believe that writing has the power to transform lives and communities, and we are honored to have been a part of this transformative event. We thank BriBooks for their expertise and passion in making this event a reality.”

India’s National Young Authors Fair 2023 was a resounding success, with the event providing a platform for young authors to showcase their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. The event has no doubt inspired a new generation of writers and entrepreneurs and instilled in them a lifelong love for reading and writing.