Next-generation innovation for the fast-growing Small & Medium Enterprises

Fast-growing small and medium enterprises have an unending desire for the right solution. With a host of features and several advantages, including ROI, flexibility, and efficiency, SMEs with a multi-location presence are looking to invest in budget-friendly and multi-featured ERP systems that will help with the company’s growth. SMEs understand the rewards of implementing an ERP system, and leading ERP players have introduced custom solutions to meet the demands. 

Their investment in IT infrastructure restricts SMEs due to the cost involved. SAP, a front runner in the world’s ERP offerings, understood the market gap and introduced SAP Business ByDesign that offers the features and flexibility of Tier-1 solutions while considering the industry structure and requirements. 


SAP Business ByDesign is a cloud-based management software tailor-made for SMEs. The product includes a plethora of features for different departments, including finance, customer relationship management (CRM), Human resources (HR), Project management, procurement, supply chain management. Designed to make business functioning easier, SAP Business ByDesign can be customized to support its growth across industries, including professional services, manufacturing, and wholesale distribution. 


This end-to-end business suite aims to unify all the organization’s core functions and gives the business the freedom to grow without increasing the investment cost in IT. The entire company can leverage the software features to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and understand business with real-time analytics based on insights across devices.

To achieve the same, SAP built the software on five key features:

– Security 

Data security is paramount to cloud solutions. SAP Business ByDesign has a strong AES – 256 encryption, SOC 2 compliance with geographically distributed data centers. The network is safe from internal and external threats with 24*7 security monitoring and is compliant with GDPR. 

– Deployment 

Available on the public and private cloud, SAP Business ByDesign can be deployed on either of the two to suit the organization’s needs without compromising speed or efficiency. 

– Architecture 

SAP understands the needs of a fast-growing company. To support the growth of the business, the architecture is designed to be deployed as a platform. On-demand solutions, on-premise expansions can be easily adapted without any bottlenecks. 

– Integration 

The software can be easily integrated with third-party solutions both on cloud and on-premise, thus increasing the 

– Flexibility 

Using Business ByDesign studio, users can create custom applications and solutions for their preferred verticals. The software comes with a host of prepackaged applications for quicker adoptions across locations. 


An ERP system designed exclusively by adopting industry-level best practices for fast-growing businesses, SAP Business ByDesign helps build a formidable foundation that can be scaled up without complexities and additional costs. Some of the benefits of the solution are:

• Quick-to-implement package with an average implementation time of 8 – 12 weeks 

• Powered to grow from 20 to 10,000 users with easy re-configuration process 

• Adaptable to tax requirements, languages, and currencies for quicker entry to the market 

• Brings transparency to business with built-in standard reports, KPIs, and Excel integrations

• Allows easy connection to pre-built integrations with SAP products and others like Office 365, Concur


Licensed through monthly subscription fees, SAP Business ByDesign is billed on a named-user basis. The subscription includes all core services offered by SAP, such as recovery, upgrades, troubleshooting, backup. 

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